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Redux - Enter: Season 5

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Hey Gang, GM Moshup here with all the juicy details about Season 5, the biggest content release in Grand Chase history! With the implementation of Season 5 comes an innovation upshot that combines updates on many aspects of the Grand Chase world and the actual game design itself. This update brings a fresh, vibrant attitude to GC; a streamlined game experience that both veteran and new players alike will truly enjoy. And, the MMORPG guys and girls get all the deets in advance.

Let’s start at the beginning: Character selection. You can’t start any RPG adventure without first selecting a character. Grand Chase has an intense 19 characters on roster to choose from, and they all bring their own, distinctively original style to the game. Previously, Grand Chase characters had to be unlocked via a very difficult quest or purchased outright in the shop. No Longer! All new players get 4 open character slots, and any of the 19 Characters can be selected to fill a slot; any one of them. If you’re a veteran player, and you’ve successfully migrated your account, you may purchase a new character slot and select any one of the 19 characters. Don’t worry though, while in-game, you’re not completely bound to any one character. There will be opportunities to flip from character to character without having to re-log. In PvP, players can freely switch between characters in between matches, or in PvE, utilize the easily accessible Character Selection screen any time prior to entering a dungeon.

Once you’ve got your character selected, jump in. Immediately, Grand Chase vets will notice a streamlined, polished World Map display and fluid progression. All of you new guys and girls will experience a beautiful, hand-drawn, manga styled, linear RPG Map and quest presentation. New and familiar, anime inspired NPCs tell the tale to lead you guys and girls through your quests. 

Whether you PvE Solo, roll with a buddy or fill a 3 player room Co-Op, you’ll be dungeon crawling in levels that have been neatly redesigned. Level and platform layouts have been reworked and mob types and numbers will be randomized. You’ll battle faster, stronger and smarter monsters… bosses too. However, all characters have had their PvE damage output completely rebalanced. This rebalance was implemented to even the playing field for all characters in PvE environments, and allow all characters to dish out some real damage.

Many of the Dungeon quests have been redesigned to be more goal-oriented, and interactive. The repeat quests have been removed.

GP Shops, gear and loot obtained on each continent and area within will now be level specific.

As well, access points to all of the special shops and dungeons have been moved to a better location. The Hero Dungeon, Bullion Shop, and when applicable, Event Dungeon can now be accessed by clicking the buttons on the lower right-hand corner of any world map. This is level specific content, so you new guys and girls may not be able to use these features immediately.      

Beyond the revised features, there are going to be some great new features for this release.

A new combat, combo ranking system will be introduced. Basically, the better combos you dish out, the better your combo rank will be.

The Dimension’s Door Dungeon will unlock! This Dungeon ala’-insanity pits players vs. continuous waves of monsters and bosses with nothing but a few seconds between waves to catch their breath. Not for the faint of heart, but if you’re not interested in dungeon play, this is a great way to get some good EXP and a ton of action.

The new “Dodge” skill will offer a completely innovative dynamic to combat in Grand Chase. Unlocked via quest, it’s an active skill that functions similarly to MP or Mana use. Once the bar fills, use the Dodge Skill to evade attacks. Each character has their own special maneuver. Once spent, the Dodge bar fills back up. The Dodge bar caps out to allow 3 total, consecutive casts. Once any of these casts are used, the bar will replenish.      


The entirety of the Season 5 content will be released in incremental patches or waves. If we released it all at once, we’d be updating Grand Chase for a week. This patch method allows us to tweak, improve and resolve issues as we go, and that helps to make this whole process go a lot smoother. Basically, there’s more to come.

There will be a new PvP Mode! This crazy new “Sudden Death” mode will pit players against one another while in “Fatal” status or 0 life against a countdown timer to see how many times they can destroy each other within the time allowed. If you’re killed, you rez again and keep going at it. The player with the most kills at the end of time wins. My personal favorite… all characters will be rebalanced for PvP and much more to come. Thanks MMORPG for taking the time to read through our Grand Chase, Season 5 update. 


Guest Writer