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RAZE: Dungeon Arena Art Reveals Characters, Creatures & Backgrounds

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RAZE: Dungeon Arena is an action RPG coming to both iOS and Android devices later this summer. It will feature over sixty dungeons and two dozen heroes as well as 1v1, 2v2, GvG and cooperative play. We've partnered with the devs to bring our readers some brand new artwork and descriptions of some of the game's characters, creatures and more. 

These are just two normal creatures in dungeon, the original idea of creating them was there are not very many real life creatures liked beasts, it was created based on the idea from insects that move in a group like  bees or bugs. We also wanted to make people with trypophobia feel uncomfortable J Their luminous bellies are also a hint to experienced players, usually they either explode or have treasures inside.

This character hasn't been named yet, it is more like a violent fishman, with massive damage delivery skills but relatively low health points. A wide open mouth with numerous sharp teeth, it carries two axes, quite like the character “Li Kui” in Water Margin*, violent and insane, but this one has strong legs which can make it moving faster and light footed.

This character doesn't have any name yet. Like some other RAZE characters such as Ambrose with a wolf head and Isis with a snake body, this one came from the same influence. The original idea to put a bird head on it and make it an opposite of the Isis character because Isis has a female head but a snake body . This character has a non-speaking bird head and a female body. The original idea is to make its style closer to an ancient Egyptian female warrior with other design elements blended in. Its a fast moving character, matched with a special weapon - a swivel knife.

This dungeon boss is a tribute to Diablo3, and it's a very important boss in this game.  The original idea of it is a huge size boss who can create and carry small monsters, it can climb on the walls and spit out the monsters out of it to break the barriers. Afterwards, it's positioned to become one of the biggest demon in hell which is pretty fun.

At the beginning of this game, there is no boss like him- one who carries heavy swords. He is a progeny of ancient giants, similar to other upcoming huge humanoid monsters in the game, they all belong to the same ancient ethnic group. You can consider him as the lord of the sword in this game. The concept of him was based on a lot ancient European warriors, furs and heavy metals, also some wizard-like elements added in. He is designed to be a character that is stoic and huge, with no emotions showing, all the color chosen are cold and dark to make it a mysterious and cruel character

Water Margin is a novel attributed to Shi Nai'an. Considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, the novel is written in vernacular Chinese rather than Classical Chinese


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