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Have you ever started a game as one class, only to wish only you’d have chosen another?

Ever been PvPing and if you just had your other set of skills, you would’ve survived?

When all hell is breaking loose, if you could freely switch between classes and had extra skills, how could you not dominate!?

A quick fix for all of these problems is available in Divina, thanks to the “Quick Change” class system!

The Quick Change system allows you to quickly change between your characters’s Main Class and a Sub Class that you’ll choose at level 30. It just takes EP (Exchange Points) and clicking on one of the EP Hearts or pressing Hot Key Z.


Your new Sub Class will start out at level 25, and come preset with new class-related clothing, a new Divine Core and keys, a new weapon, and class-related skills. The Sub Class has its own combat level, HP and MP, equipment slots and shortcut bars independent of the Main Class, so there’s no need to worry about having enough backpack space for both classes to be effective.

Expecto patro—oh wait, wrong game.

There are no restrictions when it comes to selecting your Sub Class. If you’re already a level 30 Sorcerer, you can still choose Sorcerer as your Sub Class. Why would you want to? Each class has two different “Specialties” they can choose from. Some players choose to have their Main Class specialize in one path (Sorcerers can choose from Destructive or Mysterious magic paths) and have the Sub Class level along the other path. This is just one of the many strategies you can choose from. You might want a Sub Class that will allow you to solo more easily, fill a void in your party, have a backup healer, become the master of all tanks, or use it as an opportunity to try a completely different class.


The decision of when to use your Quick Change abilities is a little more complicated. As you can see, you’ve only got three EP Hearts to work with. When you’re in town, there’s no need to worry about EP – you can Quick Change as many times as you’d like without using up any hearts – but when you’re out in the field or in an instance, you’ll need to use your Quick Change abilities wisely.

As you fight, you’ll slowly regain EP hearts by filling up the C-shaped meter to the right (every time you fill the meter completely, a heart will be restored). You’ll also find various items in-game or in the item mall that will allow this gauge to fill faster or even automatically restore hearts.

Some players choose to use Quick Change as a “panic button.” You’ll notice that the HP and MP for each class are completely independent. Depending on how you level your Sub Class, this can give you twice as much available HP, MP, and time to fight in general – which can be especially helpful when you’re PvPing or going up against a tough boss. Down to your last bit of HP? No problem, just Quick Change to your other class and keep going! (Of course, this also works best when your Sub and Main Classes are about the same level.)

Other players choose to keep their Sub Classes lower for lower level quests and events, or to team up with their lower level friends – especially those that they’re Allies with.

Put each of your Divina characters to good use and try different Sub Class and Quick Change strategies. Got one you’d like to share? Let us know!


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