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Perfect World International (PWI) is the English-based, international version of Perfect World II--one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs in more than 14 countries worldwide. The game is deeply rooted in Chinese mythology and lore.

PWI offers a wide variety of immersive gameplay that set it apart from other MMORPGs. One of the most unique aspects of PWI is its in-depth character customization. Players can adjust every aspect of their face: width, height, eyes shape, lip fullness--everything can be customized to your preference. On par with the customization found in "triple A" console games, players can create and play as anyone--themselves included! This is possible with all of the varied races.

In addition to the extensive character creation process, Perfect World International features a unique way for players to customize their armor and gear. A dual layer equipment system allows players to mix and match new fashion items with their existing weapons and gear. Players can match their gear and stylize their look without having to forfeit actual gear performance. Players can toggle between the two if they want to switch back to the traditional armor look. In this day and age of MMORPGs, most end-game players look like clones of one another because everyone needs the ultimate armor to be competitive. Combining the incredibly detailed character creation process with the dual layer equipment system, no two characters need to look alike in Perfect World International.

There are many other features for players to explore including unique classes, over the top spell effects, and a large selection of custom mounts, both flying and class specific. High level players will have the opportunity to take part in the consequence system. With this system, their existing skills and abilities will change depending on their allegiance to good or evil. These players will also be granted new unique abilities depending on what decisions they make. In addition to an expansive amount of quests, there are also world events, ranging from treasure hunts to horse races, giving them new opportunities to gain experience, meet the community and obtain unique items.

The primary end-game attraction for Perfect World International is Territory Wars. The game world is broken up into 44 separate territories. These 44 territories are then split up into different tiers or levels. In this system, guilds can battle and compete for ownership of these territories. Guilds who win and hold a territory will receive the taxes for every week they continue that ownership. This can add up to a hefty amount of gold very quickly. These epic weekly battles can support up to 80 vs 80 players and are the pinnacle of organized PvP within Perfect World International.

Perfect World International has grown enormously since our launch in September 2008. In a few short months, we have seen our total users exceed 1,000,000 players and since the initial months of PWI's launch, the number of active users has more than tripled, continuing to grow day by day. Our first expansion "The Lost Empire" introduced a lot of high level content like skills and quests for our growing player base. Our second expansion, "The Age of Spirits", will introduce our Genie system. The Genie system introduces a player helper-- not unlike a pet, but not meant for combat. It will help strengthen players in areas they lack or further accentuate their characters' existing strengths. Come back next week, where we break down the Genie system and options for customizing your character with a new set of skills.


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