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Jade Dynasty features robust PvP content for players to explore and enjoy.

Jade Dynasty features an immersive world PvP system, but we do not force it on any player. We have both PvP and PvE servers—this means that a player can use the same character and play on a PvP Server or PvE. You swap between the two types of servers with a click of a button! Once on the PvP server, there is open PvP—meaning anyone can attack you and you can attack anyone, but you have to be over level 30 to participate in PvP combat.

Once you’ve set up your character and are ready to begin, simply CTRL click a player and let the fight begin! When you defeat players, you will gain infamy points. Infamy lets the rest of the game world know that you have attacked other players in PvP. One Infamy point equates to one PvP kill. Any player with an Infamy will be attacked on site by any city guards, so they’ll need to take care to get into the cities unscathed. A player will lose one Infamy point for every one hour spent in-game that is PvP free. To easily spot players with an infamy value greater than zero, their name will turn red.

PvPers will also have the chance to drop or break items if they die in PvP combat. Regular items, like health potions, will have a chance to drop, while any bound item will have a chance to break and be destroyed. Luckily, there is an item PvPers can obtain if they cannot stand the thought of losing their hard-earned items—this item is called a Puppet Protector. With the Puppet Protector in your inventory, you will not lose any items after dying in PvP combat.

Another PvP option is the Battlegrounds. These are instanced areas where players can go to practice their PvP skills with a group. The Battlegrounds are not an all-out deathmatch arena, but will instead have objectives for two teams—red vs blue—to complete. Players within the Battlegrounds will not drop any items, nor will they gain Infamy.

The Battlegrounds will also reward its participants. Battleground participants will receive Courage, which can be exchanged for armor and weapons. Battlegrounds are also a great way to earn experience!

A set of Imperial Armor, Weapon and Mount from the Battleground Rewards System

Jade Dynasty Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty

Here are some pictures of Brimstone! Defeat the enemy towers before they defeat yours. Follow your NPC teammates into battle!

Jade Dynasty Jade Dynasty

Jade DynastyJade Dynasty


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