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Preview of Clash of Kings Anniversary Event, Matches & Gameplay (SPONSORED)

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Clash of Kings is almost 5 years old now & is an MMORPG game available on Android & App Store. Try now.

The 5th anniversary of Clash of Kings is coming and many players are talking about the new contents in the upcoming new versions. Now, we'd like to reveal some new event of the anniversary for you!

The 2019 Hero Themed Month of Clash of Kings will begin on the 2nd of July! The new journey is about to begin, let's fight again! This themed month contains 3 major welfare contents, and limited hero skin. At the same time, in the themed month, you are going to get a huge number of hero recruitment cards for the heroes of different qualities. The event details are as follows:

1. Thanks for your companionship, sign-in to get a gift

After the event begins, Monthly Sign In, Daily Quest Chest, Weekly Quest Chest, all-server hero quest, Alliance Rapid Monster Kill, Super Welfare Pack, and other events will provide rich rewards for you.

2.  New heroes will be added into the recruitment prize pool, rare heroes will be available again

In the hero-themed month this time, to encourage more players to participate in and experience more strategy gameplay, we will add another 6 heroes of Green, Blue Purple qualities to the prize poll of common recruitment. And the player can get the new hero–Time Elder for free in the events! This is a supportive hero. In addition, during the whole of July, players can cumulatively obtain more than 50,000 hero recruitment cards of more than 30 heroes in the game. Join now!

3. The God of Recruitment event

In July, the God of Recruitment event will be available. Lords can get event points via common recruitment and advanced recruitment, and collect a huge amount of hero recruitment card. You also have a chance to get the strongest Cavalry hero–Zhao Yun and the limited hero skin.

Above content is the first part of the 5th anniversary carnival. This time, we hope all players can celebrate it together. After review the anniversary celebration event, we found that the CoK 5th Anniversary Carnival will be celebrated especially. Firstly, we will hold carnivals in China, the USA, Japan, the Middle East, and other countries and regions at the same time. Millions of players from all over the world will celebrate the carnival together.

The in-game carnival mainly contains 8-kingdom royal battle, World Quest and super welfare. In the carnival this time, we will also issue novel, which is also named CoK, game-themed music, Art Design album and etc. All we want to do is provide a great carnival to CoK's 5th birthday.

Also, we might combine CoK with film and TV plays in the future to provide more wonderful contents to players. Maybe you can see the CoK film in some day in the future.

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