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Chaos Theorist

The Chaos Theorist is a whirlwind of attacks, hitting anyone around him. He uses both Chaos Magic and Fist Weapons to damage large groups of opponents. The Chaos Theorist is also very mobile and able to control the positioning of his enemies, by Impairing and pulling them towards him, so he can ensure he hits all of them at once.

The Deck is especially good for solo play against groups of monsters. It can Impair enemies and hit them with augmented Frenzy attacks, which give buffs and heals. The Chaos Theorist Deck can be very good in player-versus-player combat, because it can control the battlefield, render opponents helpless and unable to flee to safety.

Active Abilities

  • Wheel of Knives: A Chaos Magic Frenzy attack which hits several targets in an area around you. Builds one Resource for each weapon.
  • Karma: A Chaos Magic Frenzy attack which hits several targets in an area around you. The next time these targets hit you, you will receive a healing effect. Consumes all Chaos Magic Resources.
  • Berserk: A Fist ability which makes your next attack do an extra hit against several targets in an area around you. This will affect a number of attacks equal to the number of Fist Resources Consumed by Berserk. You also gain an effect which will heal you for a small amount the next time you use a Fist Resource Consumer ability. Consumes all Fist Resources.
  • Bushwack: A Fist attack which makes you charge a target several meters in front of you. The target is Impaired and stunned for several seconds.
  • Helter Skelter: A Chaos Magic attack which makes you Dash forward ten meters. Targets in your path are Impaired and stunned for a few seconds.
  • Chaotic Pull: A Chaos Magic attack which can target an enemy up to fifteen meters away. The attack pulls the target towards you.
  • Strange Attractor: A Chaos Magic Elite attack which is channeled for a few seconds. Each second this attack will hit up to two targets in an area around you and pull them towards you.

Passive Abilities

  • Wheel of Misfortune: The ability Wheel of Knives does an extra hit for extra damage against Weakened or Impaired targets.
  • Hysteria: All your Frenzy attacks cause you to gain a stacking Hit Rating effect for several seconds. This effect can stack up to five times.
  • Breakdown: Whenever you hit an Impaired target it becomes Weakened and affected by a stack of the Exposed effect, which increases the damage they take for several seconds.
  • Sick Society: Whenever you attack a target below 35% health, you do an extra hit for extra damage.
  • Concussion: Whenever you Impair a target you do an extra hit on it for extra damage.
  • Renewal: Whenever you Impair a target you grant an effect to anyone who hits that target. This effect causes them to gain a heal-over-time which lasts for several seconds.
  • From the Abyss: Whenever you attack you build up a From the Abyss counter. When the counter reaches six you deal damage to several enemies around you. This damage is increased if the targets hit are below 35% health.

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