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Kal Online

KalOnline, the most traditional Korean fantasy online game, which has been developed by INIXSOFT, pronounced that a new instant dungeon "Picture of Hell" has been updated. KalOnline aiming at Korean fantasy sets a tale of the expert painter 'Solger' and his work named 'Picture of Hell' into the story line of KalOnline, and according to the game setting, it leads players into the instant dungeon.

Characters in certain levels have to form a party to get into Picture of Hell, so they can get the opportunity of testing their fighting power in it. It comprises 10 steps of normal stages and 1 step of boss hunting stage where players will fight against the boss monster of 'Gatekeeper of Hell'.

The notable point is, especially, that players' opinions and suggestions contributed for completing the update of Picture of Hell. Before its final update, KalOnline made it an in-depth content by holding a FGT(Focus Group Test) in the test server.

INIXSOFT staff said that an instant dungeon "Picture of Hell" would provide KalOnline players with something to enjoy as a mini-game in game.


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