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Hey gang, it’s a special week for Elsword fans. In the past few months we’ve shown plenty of love to the PvP fans and the dungeon runners, but sadly we’ve overlooked our players who live for our little collectable friends. No, not garden gnomes or Hummel figurines, we’re talking about Elsword pets, your cuddly helpers in combat--we’re giving them some enhancements.   

It’s the 1-year anniversary of pets joining the fight in Elsword, so this week we’re making it more fun to level them up and introducing a brand new pet. We also have a special bonus announcement, so read on.

The thing about pets is that when you look at how many Elsword players have, you see a huge number with one pet, a sizable number with two or three pets, a smaller number with four or five, and it just keeps going down from there.  That is until you hit the big spike at the end for the folks who have to collect them all.  And why not? We’ve got fire-breathing Phorus, arctic Tree Knights, and much more.

First on the list is, “what can we do for our pet fanatics?” We made a variety of tweaks to make playing with pets more enjoyable. First we enhanced the pet effects, so depending on your pet’s status and stage of evolution, you’ll get new and stronger buffs. These better bonuses make your pet a real dynamo on dungeons runs. We also made some additional tweaks to how the pet personality system, though for now, that is a sauce that will need to remain secret.

But we don’t want to leave players out in the cold if they are new to pets. For example, we’ve made it easier and faster to level up Pocket Phorus, one of the most popular pets. But the best part is that we have a brand new pet on the way. It’s called the Wild Hatchling and it’s an adorable blue dragon. 

Since we don’t want all the fun limited to those already sporting a healthy pet entourage, all players will get their very own Wild Hatchling. Only catch is that you’ll need to show your parental prowess if you want to keep it permanently. So keep an eye out for the details on this event so you know what to do.

As you can see, lots going on for pets, but just so you know, the pet revamp is just a part of this week’s update. Stay tuned to www.ElswordOnline.com to find out about other additions coming this week.

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