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Perfect World Mobile’s Massive Realm War Update Adds Cross-Server PvP Battles and a Class Change Feature (SPONSORED)

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A battle between realms beckons now! Perfect World Mobile received a huge update and Realm War, an intense cross-server battle mode, is an exciting new mode for the popular mobile MMORPG. Realm War has players form a six-person squad with their friends and fight against teams from other servers.




Victors win glory for their squad and server plus receive in-game items such as the Eidolon Elixirs, Advanced Soulstones, or the level 6 Sacred Book – Divine Protection. Any player who is level 69 or higher can try Realm War today.

Want to try casting spells as a Wizard, but have a powerful Barbarian as your main? You can carry over your progress using Perfect World Mobile’s new class change feature. If you go to Helper in Archosaur City you can receive a Makeover Scroll, which can be used to remake your character. You can restore your character’s original appearance at any time by switching back to your original class.


Makeover Scrolls also reset your character’s skill level and Sage/Demon skill levels, but you keep all of your skill points. Players can respect their character as if they used a Skill Resetting Orb. Refining level is carried over to their new class and outfits are generally converted too. All soulstones, legendary equipment, engravings, artifacts, rank rings, rank equipment, and cultivation points will be converted for your new class. Your reborn character will be battle ready whether you’re dominating Realm World or venturing into Frostfall: Original, a new two-player team dungeon.

Perfect World Mobile’s vast world expanded in this update with three new maps. Face new monsters in the frost-scarred Harshlands, soar through the lush Windy Meadow, and admire hidden wonders in the dusty Dragon Wilderness. New sections of Frostfall City have been unlocked with Noelle’s treasure hidden inside waiting for worthy players to claim it. Players can also brave the Level 19 Cultivation Dungeon – Gate of Wraiths: Demon which has additional gameplay and the Level 19 Challenge Dungeon – Dusk Temple, a specially designed dungeon made with teamwork in mind. All of these added areas are a great way to build your character up to unlock Sage / Demon IV skills or earn the newly added Rank 9 equipment. You’ll want a powerful character to claim boss bounties in Bounty Hunter mode where players race to hunt bosses down with few resources or challenge new legendary quests for players ranging from level 100 to 110. These hidden quests can be found in the Celestial Vale and City of the Lost.

With cross-server battles, a larger world to explore, and more character customization options, the Realm War update is packed with content for Perfect World Mobile players to enjoy. Here’s *EVERYTHING* you can experience in this update:

New Game Modes

Realm War – compete in epic 6 vs. 6, cross-server PvP battles to earn valuable items.

Bounty Hunter – slay bosses as fast as you can with limited resources.

New Character Customization Options

Makeover Scroll – use this item to change your class and be reborn.

More powerful skills – players can learn Sage / Demon III and Sage / Demon IV skills.

New Cultivation Levels – build your character up to Origin and Paragon.

More Equipment – Rank 9 equipment has been added to the game as well as new equipment skins.

New Eidolon – travel with the Flaming Tails eidolon by your side.

Engravement stat boosts – engraving a complete set to a certain level grants even more stat bonuses.

New Adventures

Expanded Frostfall area – Frostfall City has additional areas, Noelle’s treasure to seek, and Frostfall: Original - a new two-player team dungeon.

More Maps – Harshlands, the Windy Meadow, and Dragon Wilderness await players.

Gate of Wraiths: Demon – a challenging level 19 Cultivation Dungeon with new gameplay and content.

Dusk Temple: True – a multiplayer dungeon designed where teamwork is needed to succeed.

More Quests – players between level 100 – 110 can discover hidden legendary quests in the Celestial Vale and the City of the Lost. Additional apprentice and mentor quests have been added too.

Heavenfall Tower Rises - Heavenfall Tower has been expanded to 150F.

New Items

Firefin – increases the Battle Will limit of Owner Sigil.

Spirit Convertor – this item can convert a player’s spirit into Silver Coins.

Level 6 Sacred Book – Divine Protection – players can earn this by playing Realm War.

New Content

Wedding customization – Rendezvous on the Bridge, Embroidered Shoes, and Prank mechanics have been unlocked for players to make their perfect wedding.

Eidolon Promotion and Eidolon Elixirs have been added.

The Sacred Book Formation and Enchant features have been added.

Windy Meadows


Dragon Wilderness


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