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Now Is The Best Time To Jump Back Into Black Desert (SPONSORED)

Giving Away Suppressed Boss Gear

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With so many MMOs out there, staying caught up on the latest games can be a time consuming endeavor not all of us can jump into. Black Desert Online Remastered is one such game that if you don’t keep up with day in and out can feel like you’re falling behind the power curve of the players on your server. As the MMORPG celebrates 4 years, there hasn’t been a better time to hop into Black Desert

This is mainly due to the current event going on in the world: Suppressed Boss Gear Event.

With Black Desert Online Remastered, there’s never been a player gear reset. As such, this means players who have spent the time to acquire the best gear in the game don’t lose that gear or the power it brings to the table. As a result, this makes the power gap between players really wide, and some players who haven’t spent the time to keep up  over the years or have gone to other games, catching up in Black Desert might feel pretty daunting. 

In celebration of the MMO’s 4th anniversary, the team is giving players access to Suppressed Boss Gear - powerful gear that can open up more of the game for you and your friends. Suppressed Boss Gear have equal stats to the normal TRI boss gear sets. 

By taking part in this event you can start to close the gap between you and those players who have normal TRI boss sets or better gear (and in fact, those who do have better gear can sell the suppressed gear to a vendor for 100-200 million silver each). By having the gear it gives you access to new “hunting grounds” as well as venturing out into the expansion regions such as Kamasylvia and Drieghan. 

As such, the Suppressed Gear Event not only gives you the ability to jump back into Black Desert Online Remastered at a heightened power level, but also experience more of the MMORPG than you might not have been able to before. Equipping the Suppressed gear also opens up the world PvP content BDO is known for, giving you a better chance in your encounters with other high level characters. You can join in the fight to control vast regions of Black Desert’s world, even taking part in the massive castle sieges on Saturday.

While you’ll want to be at least level 56 to start this event which runs from now through June 24th. It’s an interesting starting point for players who enjoyed the game before yet fell behind other players. By taking part in this event you can have the tools you need to start progressing in parts of Black Desert you never explored prior. This is a great launching point for groups of friends looking for something to play while we’re all sitting at home practicing some social distancing. 

The quest for better gear isn’t the only thing you can do when you come back to Black Desert Online Remastered now either. The Dark Rift event also offers plenty of amazing rewards and comes with the challenge of downing three new bosses. Maybe something to test your new gear on? Also  you don’t want to just stop at equipping the Suppressed Boss Gear. Rather it’s a launching point to start collecting more and more gear for your character - such as embarking on the journey to obtain the Asula’s Crimsons Eye Set and more. The options are endless when you start your journey anew. 

Now has never been a better time to come back to Black Desert Online Remastered. With the inclusion of high level gear with the new Suppressed Boss Gear Event, as well as the new content to push through with the Dark Rift event currently going on, there is so much to do in Black Desert. So take the leap today and join in on the 4th anniversary celebration in Black Desert Online Remastered


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