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Gaining Experience

Experience Points are gained through defeating enemies and completing Story Quests/Missions. Stay at an inn in town or use a Fountain of Healing in a dungeon to level up your character once you have enough experience.

When your character levels up, your basic status will change and you will receive a set amount of skill points.

Level Caps

Each Soul Rank has a Level Cap. You won’t be able to receive any more experience points until you raise your Soul Rank. The level cap for the first Soul Rank is level 7. To remove the first level cap, you must reach Soul Rank 2.

Game Settings


  • Screen Resolution
  • Full Screen (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • FPS Limit
  • Shadows
  • Shadow Resolution
  • Effects
  • Show Player Damage (Checked or Unchecked)


  • Play Music
  • Play System Sounds
  • Play Background Sounds
  • Play Character Voice
  • Play Other Character Voices

Game Pad

Keys 1

  • Move
    • Forward: W
    • Backward: S
    • Left: A
    • Right: D
    • Autorun
  • Camera
    • Camera Up: Up Arrow
    • Camera Down: Down Arrow
    •   Camera Left: Left Arrow or Q
    • Camera Right: Right Arrow or E
    • Zoom In: Page Up
    • Zoom Out: Page Down
    • Reverse Camera
    • Return Camera: Home
    • Check Back: End
  • Weapon Drawn
    • Attack: .
    • Step: Space
    • Guard: Left Shift

  • Weapon Sheathed
    • Jump: Space
    • Crouch: X
    • Dash: Left Shift
    • Walk: C
  • All
    • Special Actions: F
    • Draw/Sheath Weapon: /
    • Map Zoom
    • Online Status: [
    •  Criminal Attack Setting
    • Body Looting Permission: ? 6
    •  Bodies Collected: ;
    • Screenshot: Print Screen
    • To Shortcuts Page: ? 1
  • Targeting
    • Target Enemies: Tab
    • Change Target Mode
    • Target Attacker: T
  • Menus
    • Inventory: I
    • Equipment/Status: B
    • Skill Tree: K
    • Quests/Missions: J
    • Friends: L
    • Union: U
    • Options: O
    • Help: H
    • All Map: M
    • Commands: N
    • Shop
    • Mail
    • Main Menu: ,
    • Toggle UI Display: F12
    • Logout: F11
    • Avatar Items

Keys 2


  • Main Shortcuts
  • Expanded Shortcuts (2)
  • Expanded Shortcuts (3)
  • Expanded Shortcuts (4)
  • Expanded Shortcuts (5)


  • Name Display
  • Show Own Name Plate (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Party Name Plates (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Other Player Name Plates (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show NPC Name Plates (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Monster Name Plates on Mouse Over (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Titles (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Union Names (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Own HP and MP Guage
  • Show Minimap (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Message Boxes
  • Switch Camera Y (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Switch Camera X (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Auto-Adjust Camera During Left-Right Movement When Sheathed (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Adjust Camera When Targeting (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Camera Rotation Speed
  • Camera Inertia
  • Save Windows Locations (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Simple Attacking (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Tooltip Settings (Settings)
  • Automatically send error reports without checking the contents (Checked or Unchecked)



  • Refuse Trade (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Deny Party Invitation (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Deny Friend Request (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Online Friend Notifications (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Criminal Only Damage (Checked or Unchecked)

Short Cut

  • Extension Short Cut (2) Display (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Extension Short Cut (3) Display (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Extension Short Cut (4) Display (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Extension Short Cut (5) Display (Checked or Unchecked)

Chat Window

  • Opacity % when Active
  • Opacity % when not Active
  • Location & Transparency (Checked or Unchecked)


There are a wide variety of shops in Wizardry Online. These shops are located in the Bustling Market area of Illfalo Port. Also note that shops may expand their inventory as you increase your Soul Rank.

Vortak’s Items

Sells general items. They’ll also buy items and identify any unidentified items.

Modamus Arms

Sells weapons for Fighters, Thieves, and Priests. They’ll also buy items and identify any unidentified items.

Sagil Armor

Sells armor for Fighters, Thieves, and Priests. They’ll also buy items and identify any unidentified items.

Magic by Junon

Sells magical weapons, armor, and accessories. They’ll also buy items and identify any unidentified items.

Royal Shop

The Royal Shop sells premium items in Wizardry Online. Items can only be purchased using Station Cash.


You start out with a full map of Illfalo Port. When you move through dungeons however, you will not start out with full maps of them. You will have to acquire map pieces in each dungeon. However, there are some dungeons that don’t have any maps. Keep a look out in dungeons for map pieces.


Wizardry Online’s in-game currency is Gold. There are no other denominations. Gold is used most everywhere in the shops in town. Characters get gold through quests, missions, looting, etc.

Another currency is called Station Cash. This is Sony Online Entertainment’s premium currency and is purchased with real money. Players with Station Cash can get premium items through the Royal Shop.


As you’re adventuring, you’re bound to meet some people who you consider friendly or at least good group mates! Wizardry Online has a Friend interface that conveniently breaks it down for you.

To open the Friends List, either press L on your keyboard on select Friends from the Main Menu. A pop up will display that shows two tabs: (Friends and Acquantances)

The Friends tab will display all players who you have invited or have accepted a friend request from. The Acquaintances tab shows some of your most recent group mates. Once the limit has been reached, older acquaintances will be removed.

Friend Requests

To add someone to your Friends List, target him or her. Then, press N on your keyboard to open the Command window and click on the Send Friend Request to Targeted Player button.


Creating a Party

If you’re not already in a Party, you can select Party from the Main Menu. Choose Create Party to open the party creation window and set up the party structure.

Inviting Party Members

Target any player you wish to add to your party and choose Party Invite from the Contact menu.

Party Permissions

The Party Leader may approve or deny any person that applies to join the party. Approve or deny requests from the confirmation dialog shown on party join request. The Party Leader may also kick players from the party or dissolve the party. This can be done by opening the Main Menu and selecting the appropriate item.

Joining a Party

To join an already formed party, target a member of an open party, open the Contact Menu, and select Join Party. Your request will be sent to the Party Leader for approval.

Party Item Distribution

There are two ways to distribute items when in parties:

  1. Random Assignment – Acquired Items will be allotted randomly to a party member. Note a member will not be included if they stray too far from the group.
  2. Draw – This is the method used for assigning items above a certain quality.

When a party member picks up an item eligible for drawing from a monster’s body, the item will be added to the Draw Box. The draw box is a temporary storage place for items eligible for drawing. Items held in the draw box can be viewed by selecting Draw from the Party Menu in the Main Menu.

The Draw Box will automatically be displayed when you find a rare item. The Draw Box may also be opened from the assigned buttons in your inventory.

From the Draw Menu, choose the items you want to receive to participate in the draw. Draws winners are determined randomly based on member. The item is automatically added to the winner’s inventory. Note that if the winner does not have space in his or her inventory. You may choose Do Not Distribute to prevent random and draw distribution. In this case the person that finds them receives items.

Party Gold Distribution

Gold is automatically distributed to all party members when you defeat a monster while joined in a party. Members that stray too far away from the group will not be included in the distribution.

Party Search

Players who have not joined a party and still want to group up can choose Party Search from the Main Menu. In the Party Search window, you can set your requirements for a party and search for open parties.

Request to Join a Party

To join a party choose Request to Join Party from the Main Menu, set your party requirements, and announce to the world.

Body Collecting

You may pick up the bodies of fallen players. Search a fallen player to check their inventory and get their body from there. Select Collect Body from the Inventory screen to pick up the body.

Bodies you pick up will be deposited at Quopaty Temple once you travel back to town. Players in Soul Form may then revive themselves at Quopaty Temple to return to their bodies.

Players may also pay a fee at Quopaty Temple to drastically increase their chances of revival. This makes Quopaty Temple a significantly safer place to recover.

If a dead player logs out, their body will be replaced with baggage inside of the dungeon. You won’t be able to pick up players in this state.

Allowing Others to Pick Up Your Body

You need to allow other players to pick up your body. To do this, select Body Collection Permission under the Main Menu. If you do not allow collection, anyone who tries to collect your body will be automatically denied. Choose wisely who will collect your body. Not every person that picks up your body is a good person!

The Return to Soul Form command will be added to the Main Menu whenever someone picks up your body. If you sense danger, for example the person carrying your body is bringing you deeper into the dungeon; you can use this command to get out of being carried.

Entering Dungeons

In Hero’s Square of Illfalo Port, talk to the Dungeon Guide NPC to open the Dungeon Selection window. Choose a dungeon and channel to enter the dungeon.

Note that you’ll need entry permits for each dungeon you wish to enter. You’ll receive entry permits for new dungeons when you complete certain Story Quests.


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