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As Gloria Victis is coming closer and closer to the Steam Early Access launch, there is a need to expand the currently available content and continuously improve the newcomers experience – therefore Mereley, with its fort, village and fishing docks, has just been completely overhauled.

The upcoming updates, besides of numerous gameplay improvements, will introduce lots of new lands to explore, enemies to defeat and events to join for both newcomers and experienced players.

Thanks to the rework, Mereley – the main settlement of Ismirs – provides a way better experience for newcomers who decide to play this nation. Not only does the location fit better to the Ismirs, gruesome warriors from the rocky and frosty North, but also impresses the players with its scale and diversity – the combined massive fort, plundered village and fishing docks are more than thrice larger than the old Mereley!

Dunfen, the main town of another faction, the proud Midlanders, is also being reworked at the moment. It will become way larger to make sure it will handle the desired numbers of players, keeping the Steam launch in mind. The town is also going to be filled with lots of the eye-catching details: statues of great ancestors and legendary heroes, towering fountains and grim gallows, majestic temples and unpleasant port alleys.

Therefore the entire town will be way better organized, filled with many characteristic places in order to help players to navigate through its varied districts and numerous streets. On the other hand, the overhaul will bring a way better and denser atmosphere of a living medieval town. Close your eyes, wanderer, calm down for a while and imagine the docks where the foot of a respectable citizen never stepped and where harlots lure their prey, misted forges and soaring towers arising from the fog, hypnotic sounds coming out from the bell towers and corpses hanging on the gallows – that’s what Dunfen will be.

Moreover, the size of the available world will soon be noticeable increased, offering players many brand new breath-taking places to visit and thrilling events to participate in. Two new areas – vast peninsulas placed South to the starter town of each nation – will be filled with many breath-taking locations, such as ruined massive forts and outposts claimed by renegades or numerous camps inhabited by outcasts, deserters and brigands. Players here will be able to encounter diverse enemies and face challenging events.

Experienced players will receive a lot of new content as well, including animal bosses, new unique crafting schemes and parts of equipment, PVP events and the very first raids.

Let’s start with the first ones – the animal bosses. They are the individuals of the numerous species inhabiting the primeval and medieval forests and meadows that are rarely seen, old and of impressive size: boars, wolves or bears, even the aurochs. Hunting them is not easy, therefore the reward will be high – their pelts can be used to craft unique items, and the schemes for them can be obtained by defeating the chieftains of numerous groups of bandits and warbands that wander here and there on Stoneholm Island.

Moreover, the very first raids will be introduced soon as well! Players will face chains of events in order to defeat the leaders of dangerous sects and expel the raging warbands which plunder the lands, in effect earning precious rewards.

PVP events will also come to life soon, encouraging many players from each nation to conquer and defend lands, raise fortifications in towns, castles and outposts under the control of their nation and develop resources extraction spots belonging to the claimed territories. In total, Gloria Victis players – both new ones and veterans – will be given lots of new opportunities to challenge themselves and prove their skills in a living, medieval open world.


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