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New Items in Gracia Final

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The new Lineage II expansion, Gracia Final has introduced players to a myriad of new items, including weapons and armor, which have never been seen in the lands of Aden. Players can also enjoy other fantastic additions, such as Cloaks, Sigils, and Attribute Crystals, if they are willing to lend themselves to the new fight for good in the Seeds of Destruction and Infinity.

Brave warriors who conquer raid bosses deep within the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity may find themselves owners of brand new Vesper armor. These pieces have been added as the new S84 armor grade. Vesper can also be upgraded to Vesper Noble armor by venturing back to the seeds where Vesper Noble Enhance Stones can be earned. As the path to this reward is paved with danger and uncertainty, only the most stalwart will survive in their quest to obtain this illustrious armor.

In addition to astonishing new armor sets, Cloaks and Sigil's are also included with this latest update. As cloaks have never been available in-game, this is a milestone for Lineage II characters who wish to complete their physical appearance. Ancient Cloaks are awarded to those who brave the battlefields of Territory War, Knight's Cloaks are available to those who have achieved high ranks within their clan, and Holy Spirit's Cloaks are rewards for those who conquer major raid bosses, including those in the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity. Sigil's are newly added shield-type armor pieces that benefit magic using classes. While shields have offered simple protection, these smaller, wrist shield pieces equip in the shield slot and add varying statistics to specific magic using classes.

Stylish armor isn't the only new draw to these battles. New Vesper weapons and Dual Daggers are waiting to be awarded to champions. The different Vesper weapon types are high level rewards for raid bosses in the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity, just as Vesper armor pieces are. Various dagger weapons can now be combined to create a Dynasty Dual Dagger, an Icarus Dual Dagger, and a Vesper Dual Dagger. These Dual Daggers can be manufactured by the Blacksmith of Mammon or Master Ishuma and can be wielded by characters who have reached level 81.

Finally, players who are fans of elemental attributes will be thrilled to hear about new Attribute Crystals. This upgrade to the attribute items allows players to double the amount of elemental effects that can be added to their weapons and armor. Those who seek out the materials for Attribute Crystals in Gracia will be richly rewarded with this customization to their weapons and armor.

Vesper armor, Icarus weapons, Dual Daggers, Sigil's, Cloaks, and Attribute Crystals; these are only a small part of the massive update that is Gracia Final. Explore new terrain, brave new dungeons, and soar into the atmosphere in a grand effort to obtain the latest and greatest items available in Lineage II.

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