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New Features Meditate, Dream and Invigorate

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Jade Dynasty, the highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and third title from Perfect World Entertainment, is now open to the public!

One of the unique aspects of Jade Dynasty, are the leveling assistance tools provided to every player. As with every MMORPG on the market, there is going to be some degree of grind or choke points while leveling. In Jade Dynasty, we are alleviating that tediousness with three awesome new features: Meditate, Dream and Invigorate.

Using the Meditate feature, a player can continuously gain a small amount of experience as long as they remain stationary in a safe zone. This is a useful tool if a player has just returned to a city to turn in quests, but needs to take a quick break. Instead of a lull in their experience gained, they can have their character meditate to be achieving as much as possible while they are logged on. This feature has been limited to the major city of each area (safe zones), to prevent players from carelessly setting up a meditate sphere in the middle of an agro mob or leave themselves open to an opportunistic PvP player.

Here is a screenshot of a character Meditating.

Players can also use the Dream feature. Dreaming allows a player to gain experience while offline. If a player finds a certain in-game item, as they log out, they will be able to check a box that says Dream. Once they log back on, they may find they have gained another level! This can be especially useful for players who are a part of a clan or alliance, but then need to go out of town on vacation. Instead of being left behind as their clan or alliance continues to level up and progress in the game, a player can set their player to Dream while they are away to stay on course. This can also be more useful than Meditate because a player doesn't need to leave their computer on. And since Dreaming is only available with an item, the experience rewards will be greater than Meditating alone.

Highlighted in yellow is the dream checkbox you would select, before you logout.

Our last leveling aid for players is Invigorate. This is accessible through a player's Esper. After an Esper has recovered at least 50% of its energy, a player can activate Invigoration--which will allow the Esper to take control of a character. An Esper's energy bar will automatically fill as long as a player is in-game. The Invigorate feature can be set to very specific parameters- when to heal, what skills to use, what monsters to kill, even how far the character should venture for those monsters. This can definitely be useful for a quest that requires you to kill any amount of monsters. This feature though, is tied directly to an Esper's energy and will not last forever. A player will have to pick and choose when the best time is to use this feature--it was not intended to play the entire game for you, rather give you a break from the grind while keeping you online with your friends.

  1. Are the settings you can set for the invigorator, like when to heal your character and which enemies to attack.
  2. Is the hotkeys you can setup for the invigorator. The skills with the lowest number will be cast as highest priority
  3. Once that sword is glowing with the gold sparkle, the invigorator is ready, click to Activate. Don't forget to setup Health, Spirit and Energy potions as outlined in yellow.

Each of these features can help players level and alleviate the grind associated with MMORPGs. These features are only tools however--if you level exclusively with them, you'll not only miss out on the great story Jade Dynasty has to offer, but the better experience and rewards gained from questing. Come give Jade Dynasty a try, and take the grind out of your game.

Once activated, you are all set, sit back and relax! (or call the significant other to remind them how much you care about them)!


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