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From new weapons and Warframes to new game modes and tilesets, Warframe has seen quite a few dramatic changes and additions in the past year.  So many in fact, that it can be a little tough to keep up with where to go as a brand new player.  That’s why we’re particularly excited about our upcoming Update 14 this week.  Not only does it include a few meaty changes for our veteran players to chew on, but the overhauled new player experience and quest system means it’s never been a better time to get into the game!

The first major change in U14 that new and old players alike will appreciate is the Liset, a personal ship that acts as both a means of transportation all over the Solar System as well as your complete intel and preparation center.  Using various terminals on the Liset, players can build load outs for missions, adjust their weapons and mods, access the codex, in-game store and more.

Existing players will have access to everything the Liset has to offer right away. New players will unlock their ship piece by piece in a new quest tutorial that will make learning how to play Warframe a whole lot easier.

Helping to guide players through the assembly of their Liset is Ordis, the ship’s AI-based Cephalon, who is introduced during the brand new quest system; which will immediately help new players through the lore of Warframe in addition to being a feature that we’ll continually update down the line as new quests come available.  It’s one of the features the Dev team is most excited about as it gives us a chance to both guide and challenge players as new events arise.

Worried that Update 14 is only for new players?  Fear not, it has a few long awaited features for veterans too.  As one of the first in-game quests available we expect many players will flock to obtain their Kubrow, a new furry companion that players can use as an expansion to the Sentinel feature in game.  Obtaining a Kubrow means raising it from infancy, and though it’ll take some time for your warrior-hound to be ready for battle, the end result should be notably different from the much more calculated assistance players receive from Sentinels. Are you ready to become a proud new parent of a sweet little vicious Kubrow puppy?

Topping off the last of our big reveals is a dramatic change to the Dark Sectors -- areas of space where Tenno Clans can deploy Solar Rails to face off against one another in a bid to control resources.  While previously players could run missions to destroy enemy rails there was never any direct confrontation between Clans...until now!

These new PvP missions will set Clans, their Alliances, and any other Tenno that wish to participate directly against an opposing Clan for the first time in full 4v4 space ninja on space ninja combat.  Working alongside a team of AI spectres players will either invade and attempt to destroy key objectives, or protect the Rail by working with defensive emplacements used to beat back the opposition.

There’s so much in this update we haven’t even scratched the surface!  There’s still the fan-made weapon Silva & Aegis, a never before seen tileset, the return of our Hive Infestation game type, a new pistol and the unveiling of our newest Warframe, Mirage.  A little bit of something for everyone.

So, if you’ve never tried Warframe before, or have been waiting for us to make starting off just a little more intuitive, log in and give Update 14 a shot and let us know what you think.  At the very least you get a cool spaceship, a new furry friend to nurture and can spend a little time working off that daytime stress by beating back Captain Vor and the Grineer Empire.  Don’t worry, they deserve it.


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