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 Get a Close Up Look of the Mythical Animals and Creatures Featured In-Game

Imagine yourself as a lone explorer in a limitless world of elemental magic that's teeming with mythical creatures. In Dark and Light, the upcoming multiplayer survival title from Snail Games, players will encounter a wide variety of creatures - both magical and magnificent. In previous overviews, players have seen a few glimpses of the creatures that inhabit the game's world, but today Snail Games provides a deeper look into the menagerie of fantastical beasts.

Players must keep their wits about them when exploring the wilderness, lest they fall victim to these green-skinned, large-headed menaces -- that's right, hordes of goblins lurk in the forest, waiting for hapless adventurers to wander into their path. Goblins have the ability to stun players, loot everything they have on them, and squirrel away their loot in chests hidden deep in their encampments. Players can recover their belongings by fighting or sneaking their way through the camps until they reach the chest, but it won’t be an easy task!  Goblins are tricky little creatures, so it's best to stay out of their way unless you have the skills to back up your confidence!

Along with Goblins, Centaurs also take residence in the forest - these half-human half-horse creatures are quite an intelligent species, living together in structured camps. Centaurs possess a wealth of advanced battle and hunting equipment, so try not to get on their bad side by trespassing on their territory!

Caves are home to the brutal cyclops who prey on hapless humans. If you want to raid a cyclops’ cave, you might have to strike a deal with a goblin to stun it while you do the looting; of course, trying to bargain with a creature as crafty as a goblin could be a double-edged sword. You can likewise negotiate agreements with Centaurs to trade for their powerful weaponry, but you definitely don't want to double-cross a species famed for its warmongering and hunting capabilities.

One of the most exceptional creatures of the Dark and Light realm is none other than the mythical unicorn. Incredibly powerful and mysterious, the unicorn is revered by residents of all three faction cities. The unicorn has incredible healing powers, which can be used in battle to restore health at an incredibly quick rate.

Another creature venerated by city-dwellers is the giant griffin, which can rain powerful aerial blows against players stuck on the ground. This remarkable ability makes the griffin an invaluable battle mount, and an integral part of most major cities’ defenses. The Lord of the city has access to both pegasus and griffin mounts, and can ride them at any time.

The world of Dark and Light is filled with danger at every turn. Ruthless, demonic creatures that lurk in the dark forest at night will instantly savage any living creature that dares to venture into the midst at night. When roaming the woods, a player may accidentally become trapped in the entangled limbs of gangly, leafy creatures mistaken for trees. Aggressive snow monsters dominate the frozen landscape, and Dragons that thrive in both cold and warm climates roam freely across the world.

The magic of Dark and Light is rooted in classic elemental forces, and many of the creatures in the game exhibit traces of this elemental magic. Elemental magic can be applied to a variety of survival situations; for example, ice can help preserve food and decrease a character’s body temperature in scorching hot climates. Conversely, fire can be used to cook food, and stay warm during long days spent in the icy mountains. Water can provide irrigation for crops, and earth magic can be used to erect buildings and improve the defensive fortifications.

New players’ most pressing task is immediate survival. The best resources for players struggling to survive are more conventional animals that can be either hunted or domesticated, such as goats, boars, deer, bears, leopards, elephants and more.  Players can harvest goat's milk, tame leopards as mounts, use bear fur for warmth and much more. Creatures have endless potential in Dark and Light, and it is up to the players to decide how they will fit into the realm's complex ecosystem.

Dark and Light will launch on Steam's Early Access this fall. For more information, please visit www.playdnl.com.

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