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Most Interesting Characters You’ll Meet in the Terrors of Thalumbra

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We're wrapping up EverQuest week with a look at the most interesting characters players can look forward to meeting in the EverQuest II expansion, Terrors of Thalumbra.

Queen Alwenielle

Alwenielle, the “Eternal Queen”, is the co-ruler of the ancient dwarven citadel of Maldura. Short in stature like the rest of her race, she wears a crown that holds the shard of a rare stone. Although she mourns the loss of her sister, there are more tragedies in her life than this, and the secrets in her past may threaten Thalumbra with more terrible dangers than even she realizes.

Black Bolt

The brilliant leader of a secretive faction of the gnemlin (the gnomes of Maldura), Black Bolt studies necromancy and has been particularly interested in the magics found around Bluefist’s  Battlefield. He hopes to study this power to gain unprecedented control over the undead arts. However, his experiments have not all gone according to plan.  Could his experiments have endangered the whole city?


Protégé of Black Bolt, Gavitzle believes he can surpass his mentor through superior technology. But will Gavitzle master the technology, or will it master him?

Brytthel, the Queen’s Guard

A stoic, no-nonsense member of the dhalgar (the dwarves of Maldura), Brytthel has inherited the title of Queen’s Guard from her predecessor.  The prime duty of the Queen’s Guard is not, in fact, to guard the Queen, but rather to guard the rare stone in the Queen’s crown. Why this is so important and who knows why are secrets that will be discovered through the Terrors of Thalumbra questlines.

Charles Q Tinkersmith

The sole survivor of a gnemlin research team, humble lab assistant Charles was out gathering supplies when the laboratory he worked in was overrun. Now he mourns the loss of his fellow researchers but aspires to rebuild the laboratory in Maldura, establishing himself as the new research head, and being none too particular about who might be interested in their inventions.


The Aberrant are those mysterious creations of the Ocean Lord who acted as his protectors and enforcers in the earliest days of the gods. They previously kept mostly to themselves in their underwater temples, but recently they’ve started attacking  Maldura. Ynonngozzz'Koolbh is their high priest; his lengthy name indicates his high status. With the assistance of his acolyte Yothshaval and others, he attempts to interpret the wishes of the Unseen One, the Ocean Lord.

Grand Artificer Tobon Blingden

The Grand Artificer is the co-ruler of Maldura. The position is traditionally held by a gnemblin, currently Tobon Blingden. The Grand Artificer wields a tinkered scepter and, in conjunction with Queen Alwenielle, strives to ensure safety and prosperity for both the gnembin and dhalgar citizens of Maldura.


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