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Mortal Online II - Grand Stream & Giveaway (SPONSORED)

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Malmo, Sweden | January 24th, 2022 - Join Henrik’s stream on Monday the 24th of January at 19:00 UTC and celebrate the eve of the Mortal Online 2 launch! 

Henrik the CEO of Star Vault and game designer of Mortal Online 2 is hosting a massive sponsored giveaway stream on the 24th, there will be many prizes to win, such as free copies of Mortal Online 2, Nvidia’s Geforce Now subscriptions, as well as some gaming hardware!

Henrik will also be joined by some of the frequent Mortal Online 2 streamers.

All you have to do is tune in during the giveaway stream to participate.

Henrik will also be answering lots of questions throughout the stream in his normal Q&A. This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Mortal Online 2 ahead of the full launch on the 25th of January.  

Giveaway Includes: 

  • 1 HP OMEN 45L Gaming PC
    • i7 12700k 
    • Hyper X 16GB DDR4 3733Mhz RAM
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB
    • 1 TB WD Black NVMe M.2 SSD
  • 3 Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mice
  • 3 Razer Naga Pro Gaming Mice
  • 3 Razer Kraken V3 PRO Gaming Headsets
  • 10 MO2 game keys
  • 10 Nvidia GeForce Now subscriptions 

About Mortal Online 2

After over a decade of continuous development, Mortal Online II will be here 25th of January 2022. Get ready to jump in as Star Vault invites you into a full loot MMORPG with deep, complex crafting, role playing and combat systems. Stake your claim in the reborn world of Nave and choose your legacy.  Survive on Skill  The entire world of Nave is an open PvP and PvE space, and at over 6 times the playable area of the original Mortal Online, there’s room to run but not to hide. Battle the living open world around you as well as other players in skill-based real-time combat that players have loved for the last decade. 

Stake Your Claim

Mortal Online 2’s house building system let’s players construct and decorate their own houses in the open world where they can shelter from the elements and rest after a hard day’s questing. But beware, your keep isn’t safe from unannounced visits by Nave’s savage wildlife and other players, so keep your allies close and protect your plot.

Choose Your Legacy

Become a master fisherman, crafter, fighter, spell caster or anything in between. Mortal Online 2‘s intricate and deep skill systems let players choose a huge number of paths from a vast set of possible skill combinations, enabling you to play the role you choose and stamp your legacy onto the world of Nave. 


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