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Mission Impossible?

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Hey Gang, this is the Elsword team, back to give you an exclusive reveal of some surprising new dungeons appearing in Elsword tomorrow—and you heard it here first.

Your mission, if you chose to accept, it is to take on the most devious and downright devilish dungeons in the whole of Elrios.  We created 6 brand new dungeons that will test every ounce of your Elsword skills to stay alive. They are so nasty we’re even adding a special ranking board so you can brag to your friends. And the rankings reset daily so everyone with blazing-fast fingers can get the credit they deserve. Keep reading this journal and you’ll get some tips directly from the team that will give you a leg up on the competition.

But first, what is hard? Each dungeon takes a different aspect of Elsword and weaves together the ultimate obstacle course.  In one dungeon you’ll time your leaps, dashes, and rolls to avoid a web of sizzling hot laser beams. In another you’ll ascend a perilous peak in Bethma where massive boulders can only be passed with precision jumps. In another you battle the darkness, searching for hidden levers. Each dungeon is timed and not for the faint-hearted.

So what can you do to be the mission dungeon master?

Here are our top tips:

  1. Know your long-jumpers! Elsword has 6 unique characters with different abilities. Some dungeons are just easier for some characters. For example, Aisha and Eve each have a glide ability that makes long distance jumps much more manageable. So if you haven’t branched out to try the other characters yet, now is the time.
  2. Save time with high jumpers. Both Rena’s double-jump and Chung’s rocket jump give them short cuts the other can’t take. If you don’t want that timer breathing down your neck, figure out where Rena can shave some seconds off your time.
  3. Use the mini-map for guidance. Sure, you mostly just use the mini-map to get the drop on enemies. But you can also use it to help find your way, especially in the dark dungeon.

That should give you a head start, but the rest comes down to skill. Practice your jumps and dashes. The mission dungeons come to Elsword on 4/10/13. Will you be ready?


Guest Writer