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Ether Saga Online: Melee Classes

The team over at Ether Saga Online has provided us with this developer journal focusing on the melee classes in their MMO.

Ether Saga Online is based on the famous Chinese literature Journey to the West. Players can choose one of three races in the land. Unlike most MMOs, each race in ESO can choose from any of the six classes in the game. The six classes are:

  1. Conjurer (mage)
  2. Dragoon (tank)
  3. Mystic (healer)
  4. Ranger (ranged DPS)
  5. Rogue (melee DPS)
  6. Shaman (hybrid melee/support caster).

Each class has unique skills and a primary affinity. Putting more points into your class's primary affinity will increase the effectiveness of skills associated with that affinity.

In this journal, we will focus on the melee classes, Dragoon, Rogue and Ranger, and what roles they fill in the game.


The dragoon is the main tank class. They wear heavy armor and equip spears. Players may find dragoons partying with other classes like Rangers, Mystics or Conjurers.

A Dragoon's main elemental stat should be Erda. This will add one strength and defense point for each affinity point. As a tank class that needs to both be able to both sustain and dish out damage, these are both extremely important.

The secondary element for a Dragoon is dependent upon playing style. Those who wish to create a full tank that can take hits for an extended period of time will want to make their Dragoon Erda/Unda. The Unda affinity will add 20 HP per point, giving you a deep, deep HP pool. Those who wish to deal out heavy damage from normal attacks will want to make Oora the secondary element which provides an extra three strength per point. The last choice is to create a hybrid build with heavy Erda points and about even on both Unda and Oora. This is very dependent on playing style--a player will kill monsters faster with a higher Oora, but won't have to rest as often with a higher Unda.

A Dragoon player can consider a Bright pet to aid in battle with its healing and buff skills.


Rogues are quick, melee attackers. They wear medium armor and use dual daggers. Since Rogues have a high DPS (damage per second) rating and will have a fair amount of HP, they may be a class to try for soloing.

The main element should be Oora. With Oora adding three strength with each affinity point, the rogue's hits will quickly start to pack a punch. And of course, the higher the Oora points, the more effective the Oora spells will be.

Like the Dragoon, the secondary element is dependent on playing style. You can consider an Oora/Erda build which will provide high strength with a decent amount of defense. Another possibility is an Oora/Pyra Rogue.

The Oora/Pyra Rogue will depend more so upon skills, since their secondary stat will be pumping Intellect. They will be able to cast more effective spells, but will not be able to take as hard a hit as the Oora/Erda set up. The preference to skill strength versus physical strength is the main difference between these two builds.

A Rogue can consider a Bright pet for healing or a Cautious pet for extra ranged damage.


The Ranger is a ranged attacker. They can disable targets with status effects like slow or sleep. They wear medium armor and equip a bow. Players may find Rangers in a party with a Dragoon or Shaman as a tank, or perhaps functioning as a tank with a Mystic for support.

A Ranger's main element should be Widu. The Widu element increases intellect and resilience, which will help increase their skills' effectiveness and also enable the ranger to take a hit or two. The secondary element depends on play style. A player who wants to focus on spell skills can create a Widu/Pyra ranger for increased Intellect. A Widu/Unda build will provide higher HP pool to keep the ranger in battle longer.

For a pet, a Ranger can consider a Bright pet for healing support. However, if a Widu/Pyra Ranger, for example, finds they are taking too much damage, they could get a Fierce pet for a tank.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind the description of primary and secondary affinities does not mean that players should completely ignore the other stats. This journal is meant only to suggest where the majority of affinity points would be best suited at the time of the writing of this journal. For example, a Dragoon who wishes to be a heavy hitter with the Erda/Oora build can also put points in Pyra for added skills damage. These builds are only suggestions of what we here at ESO have discovered. There is no perfect build--every person has their own playing style and should create their character accordingly.


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