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Batman had Robin.

Brain had Pinky.

You’ve got Sweet Mouse or Gloomy Bunny.

In beanfun’s newest MMO, Divina, you don’t need secret headquarters or fancy technical wizardry to attract a Sidekick of your own – just reach level 10 and complete an easy quest! Then, before you’re whisked away to the game’s main city, you’ll become the proud owner of either a pink or aqua-colored gem, containing a Sweet Mouse or Gloomy Bunny Sidekick.

D’aaaawww, sho cuuuuuute!

Don’t be fooled by the gem’s glittery exterior! Beneath its shining surface lies a most formidable beast…


Your Sidekick may start out snarky, but the more you get to know him by using the “Talk” function, the more he’ll come to appreciate having you for a master.  Find out which topics interest your Sidekick and gain “Favor” faster. The greater the Favor (i.e. the level of love your Sidekick has for you), the better the outcome when he’s fighting, fusing, retrieving or refining for you!

But you can’t just nurture your Sidekick’s spirit; you’ve also got to expand his mind through the “Teach” function. For every lesson, your Sidekick will gain a level and one of his stats (your choice) will increase by one point.

Sweet and smart.

When your Sidekick reaches level 11, depending on the stats you’ve assigned, your “Beginner” class Sidekick can become either a “Magician” or a “Warrior”. This is the first of three class changes your Sidekick will undergo, with each milestone offering more possible classes. Your Sidekick will level quickly and can reach up to 10 levels above your own.

Each Sidekick also has its own action bar, which allows you to customize how they’ll react in and out of battle – which skills they should use, if they should follow or wait, and the option to have them fight aggressive foes automatically.

Surprise monster aggro? No problem!

…Which is especially helpful for those times when monsters decide to pop right on top of you.

Be careful of how you adjust your Sidekick’s settings. If you’re ambushed by a mob of aggressive monsters and your Sidekick is set to automatically take out anything that threatens you, but not to follow you, he’ll stay behind and defend your honor to the last tick of his HP!

Not only are Sidekicks willing to die for you, they’ll even do your dirty work! If properly trained, you can send your Sidekick off to discover rare treasures, including hard-to-find materials and items of clothing. Your Sidekick can also handle the tedious tasks of refining weapon and core cards – items that you can use to craft weapons and Divine Wheel pieces – or fusing ores into raw stones that can increase the stats of those weapons and Divine Wheel pieces.

…There was a shirt hidden in the desert?

With all of the functions they can perform – fighting, treasure-hunting, gathering cards or fusing ores – Sidekicks are one of the most valuable systems in Divina. Take good care of your Sidekick and become a part of your own dynamic duo!

 (Minus the tights.)

About Divina

Divina is a free-to-play (F2P), whimsical 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) set in a vibrant and colorful fantasy world filled with Gods, Demons, and a mixture of mythologies. Players will go back in time to uncover the truth about the Gods and Demons in an epic quest to save Yggdrasil – the World Tree – and prevent Ragnarok – the end of the world. Divina offers a rich MMO experience containing thousands of quests, hundreds of unusual monsters, unique areas, and a wide variety of gameplay features that will captivate players for hours on end.

Divina’s Closed Beta is coming soon and registration is currently open at the official website: http://us.beanfun.com/divina/


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