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Meet the Discordia Terminators

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There are two major forces when it comes to the different races in Uld. One force strives for reason, science, and order. These races are those such as Humans, Satyrs, Gremlins, and Cyclopes'. These races create their own civilized unions and work hard to reconstruct civilizations within the ruins of Uld. The other force is called Discordia and their intentions stem from deep roots in savagery, disorder, and wars.

Discordia Terminators are a group of soldiers who get paid for eliminating Discordia. Their clients can be individuals or large groups. Most of the terminators work for money or for their personal revenge against Discordia.

Certain areas are more likely to become a Discordia’s target, and thus will have a high security atmosphere. Various events will take place in the areas were Terminators hunt Discordia, adventurers be ready.


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