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Master and Apprentice

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Creating a new character any time after the initial launch of an MMO can be daunting. There are many players high leveled and experienced, while you are still feeling out the lay of the land. One feature to help bridge that level gap and create a closer community is the Master and Apprentice System.

This system allows a high level character to take a lower leveled character under their wing to help them complete quests for great rewards for both players.

Any character over level 105 has the potential to become a Master. Once level 105, a player can access the Master and Apprentice interface. Within this interface, the Master may click the Train button and insert any character name who is eligible to become an apprentice--level 75 or below. A Master may also select a character, right click on their portrait and select the Disciple/Apprentice button. This will send an invitation to the Apprentice player, who may accept or decline. This prompt will be similar to a Clan, Alliance, Friend or Party request.

Once the request has been accepted and the Master/Apprentice relationship is formed, the Apprentice can obtain quests by speaking to Tao Danush in Sunstream City. One example of a quest will require the Master to join the Apprentice within a Party to defeat the monsters outlined by the quest--these monsters are very likely to be much more powerful than the Apprentice.

Once the quest is completed, the Apprentice will receive a large amount of experience, 30 Taichi Pills and three bundles of Yellow Pills.

New Apprentice quests are available at level 1, 30, 45, 60 and 75. These quests may be repeated as many times as the player wishes.

There are also Master quests. For these, the Master must be the party leader, not simply a member. To obtain these quests, the Master can speak with Tao Danush in Sunstream City once per day and accept the 'Expertise Training' quest. This quest will require both Master and Apprentice to work together, however, the Apprentice's and Master's 'Expertise Training' quest will have different objectives. While the Master must obtain an Instruction Bloom, the Apprentice is required to collect several different items and then defeat Wannox Shao. If the two are able to complete this quest, the Apprentice will receive 70 Taichi Pills and 50 Violeta Stones, while the Master will receive 50 Expertise points and 10 Taichi Pills.

However, this partnership does not have to be a permanent one. A Master may banish his Apprentice to remove them from his tutelage. An Apprentice also has the option to betray their current Master and become an Apprentice of a different Master. The relationship will be dissolved in all cases when the Apprentice reaches level 105. A Master may only adopt one Apprentice per day--meaning they cannot accept an Apprentice, break the relationship and accept a new one in the same day. Similarly, an Apprentice cannot betray two different Masters within the same day.

With the Master and Apprentice system, lower level players are given a chance to partner with high level characters for massive experience gains while the Master can obtain new skills. Fostering this kind of helping relationship will not only improve the game experience, but continue to strengthen the Jade Dynasty community.


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