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Massive New Upgrade Incoming

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Adventurers of Priston Tale will not be facing these foes without an upgrade of gear, of course. Along with the new map, there will be a new tier of equipment: Level 108. This new tier features everything from armor to robes, swords to bows, and everything in between. This is the opportunity all Priston Tale warriors have been waiting for; this will be their chance to reach a level of power like never before.

In addition to the new monsters and gear, there is something else: A new, deadly boss that lurks deep in the Ice Mine. This boss is more powerful and dangerous than any seen before. It is called Tulla, and it is a force to be reckoned with. To defeat this boss will be a mark of great honor, and the warrior will reap many rewards.

The Ice Mine will be the Priston Tale adventurers’ greatest challenge yet. While the road to this new power is lined with many challenges, the warriors of Priston Continent will certainly be there to meet it head-on. Will you be among them?

Check out some screens of the Ice Mine.


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