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Ether Saga Online: Magic Classes

The team over at Ether Saga Online has provided us with this developer journal focusing on the magic classes in their MMO.

Ether Saga Online is based on the famous Chinese literature Journey to the West. Players can choose one of three races in the land. Unlike most MMOs, each race in ESO can choose from any of the six classes in the game. The six classes are:

  1. Conjurer (mage)
  2. Dragoon (tank)
  3. Mystic (healer)
  4. Ranger (ranged DPS)
  5. Rogue (melee DPS)
  6. Shaman (hybrid melee/support caster).

Each class has unique skills and a primary affinity. Putting more points into your class’s primary affinity will increase the effectiveness of skills associated with that affinity.

In this journal, we will focus on the caster classes, Conjurer, Mystic and Shaman, and what roles they fill in the game.


The Mystic is a defensive magic user with healing spells and buffs/debuffs. They wear light armor and equip staves. A Mystic’s main elemental affinity is Unda.

The Mystic is the main healer class. A very common Mystic attribute set-up is Unda/Pyra. Since a Mystic element is Unda, you will want a bulk of points allocated there. Unda will add +20 HP, but it will also increase damage of your skills. To further increase spell potency, the secondary element would be Pyra. Pyra will increase intellect, which directly influences spell damage for any class.

Another Mystic attribute set-up to consider is the Pyra/Widu. Again, the Pyra attribute is key for increased intellect and spell effectiveness. The Widu attribute will add another intellect point, as well as one point of increased resilience. While this character will have lower HP, they will have a higher intellect and therefore, more effective spells. However this set-up does not pump the Unda for the Mystics spells nearly as much as the previous set-up, so a player must balance spell damage increases of both affinities.

A Mystic will want to consider a pet with a Fierce attitude and high hit points to tank for them, or a Bright pet to augment their healing capabilities.


The Conjurer is a spellcaster who uses offensive and manipulation magic. They can also cast damage-increasing buffs. This class wears light armor and equips magical weapons. Their elemental affinity is Pyra. The Conjurer will be the attack mage for ESO.

Any build for a Conjurer must include a large chunk of Pyra points. Since many of their skills are Pyra and their dependence on Intellect for effectiveness, players should always pump their points into Pyra.

The secondary skill to add to your Pyra affinity depends on play style. A Pyra/Widu will provide you a powerhouse mage, but will be very fragile with low HP. A Pyra/Unda and Erda (increases strength and defense) will create a tankable mage who will not be as powerful, but will be more stable.

A Conjurer is similar in set-up to a Mystic, and will also want to consider a Fierce pet as a tank- particularly if they choose a Pyra/Widu set-up.


The Shaman is the hybrid class of Ether Saga Online. It functions as both a spellcaster and a tank. They use healing magic and status effects to aid as the secondary tank class. They wear heavy armor and equip hammers. Their main affinity is Widu. Since the Shaman can function both as a tank and a healer, the Shaman may be a good choice for those who wish to play solo.

A Shaman build will always begin with Widu points. A Widu affinity point will increase Intellect and Resistance by one. This is in line with their hybrid class status; both their spellcasting and tanking abilities will be improved.

With Widu as your primary element, a Shaman player can consider Erda as their secondary. Each Erda point adds one strength and defense. This set up is best to create the Shaman as a tank. The defense is critical to providing extra cushion for the Shaman to withstand hard hits.

To create a healer-centric Shaman, a player should consider a Widu/Pyra build. This would increase spell effectiveness for healing spells. However, with this, there is little defense and physical attack power, so this set-up would not be effective at tanking.

For a pet, Shamans can consider a Cautious pet who will aid with ranged attacks. However, if a player feels their Shaman build is lacking in one area (tank ability or healing spells), a complimentary pet can help even out the stats.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind the description of primary and secondary affinities does not mean that players should completely ignore the other stats. This journal is meant only to suggest where the majority of affinity points would be best suited as of when this journal was written. Players will undoubtedly try out various character builds as they discover new items and strategies. Just keep in mind that there is no perfect build—every person has their own playing style and should create their character accordingly.


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