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MAESTROS: The Lore of the Regalis

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As you battle through Maestros, there is one faction that will appeal to the Alchemist in everyone. The Regalis are the military power which rose up through alchemy. These “mad scientists” had experimented on all forms of life. They augment abilities and turning animals and plants into deadly forces which do battle.

It is important to know where the Regalis rose from. Beautiful to behold, these masters of mutations even seek to change their own makeup and become monsters as well.

Here are a few of the Regalis characters to read up on:

The Serpent Master

Regal and somewhat pretentious in attitude, the Serpent Master retains one of the seats on the higher Alchemist council. His interest in poisons has led to genetic developments in various Alchemist combat creatures such as the Gasilisk. While serving in the field as needed, he far prefers toiling away in his lab creating a variety of often vile concoctions to feed his quest for knowledge.

The Hive Mother

Obsessed with hornets from a young age, the Hive Mother path was set from her adolescence and onward. Often spending much time alone observing her personal hives, she wanted to one day control them, and to her that meant becoming a Queen herself. When she had the knowledge to do so, she genetically modified her own body so she could become just that, and now fights Teutonian forces on the front lines with her swarm on her side.

The Green Widow

Creating by examining the genetic code of the large cave spiders that dwell in the caverns below Genoma, these deadly arachnids an Alchemist favorite for ambushes. Like the spiders they were based on, instead of spinning webs, they trap their prey by manipulating the vines and plants around them.

We will have more on the Regalis as development continues. For now, you can learn about Maestros by checking out our website here.


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