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Luvinia Online Class Reveal

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The Paladin

The Paladin comes from the Knight subclass, part of the Warrior archetype.  Like its parent class, the Paladin takes up a shield to boaster his defenses in battle but also takes upon himself a sacred charge to help protect and aide his allies in battle.  Due to this charge, the Paladin is imbued with holy auras that he can lend to his comrades like the Empowerment Aura that increases the physical and magical attack damage of the Paladin’s surrounding allies.  These auras, along with a few restorative and damaging magical skills gained through this subclass blend with the Warrior stances from his training, helping the Paladin lead the party into battle.

The Necromancer

As an offshoot of the Warlock class, Necromancers delve deeper into the dark and mystic arts of the Magician archetype to draw upon the powers of death and life itself.  The Necromancers hone their skills to help prey upon the life forces of their foes for their own gain.  Many of their skills cripple their opponents’ minds, bodies, and even life, such as Vampiric Touch which leeches HP from the target to the caster.  This makes the Necromancer a master in the art of controlling the masses around her to help turn the tide of a battle.  Necromancers are tough foes in battle for they fear not death, but bend it to their will.


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