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Lorcada Preview

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Lorcada is a landscape of ice, snow, and jagged rock formations north of the city of Kaiator. Here,  beings of great power and ambition consolidate their forces for the battle ahead, while wise adventurers gather strength and resources before entering the strongholds of ruthless, single-minded gods.

The god Thulsa has conquered the Plain of the Damned. His armies now spread out to augment their territory and consolidate their control of the Divine Furnace and the legendary blacksmith Muhrak.

In the far-eastern part of the province, above the Scorched Snowfield, Thulsa’s minions maintain a constant assault on the federation town of Habere. Lorcada defenders battle sihranar hordes and cursed legion fighters to maintain a safe perimeter.

Below Habere, the Plain of the Damned spreads westward into the Vale of Spires and on to Kaiator. Frost sirens and skeletal outriders of the Cursed Legion bar the way to the Divine Furnace where legendary blacksmith Muhrak stokes arcane fires. Capturing Muhrak and the Divine furnace will bring Thulsa one step closer to victory over the other gods and the mortals he despises.

Thulsa also rules the Vale of Spires, where he has erected gigantic pylons created with argon technology. He has dominated the wendigos, and transformed orcans and tuwangi into argons to add to his army. Lonely outposts like Icebase Defiance strive to hold onto a shrinking territory in the face of unrelenting aggression.

Thulsa’s stronghold, the Ebon Tower, is nearly impregnable and suffused with poisonous gasses that can fell the strongest enemy. Those who learn the secret of surviving inside the tower must still contend with zombies, arachnens, and Thulsa’s immortal Blood Legion troops. Worse yet, Thulsa may have joined forces with Killian, the mad god of torture and pain, who rules the Labyrinth of Terror.


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