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Location Preview - The Scorched Desert

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An ancient darkness festers in the heart of Egypt. For eons the evil has been kept at bay by valiant guardians, but now their defenses weaken and falter. This corrupting malevolence threatens to spread its black tendrils out across the world. The future of all is at stake.

The battle for the soul of Egypt begins anew. The ensnaring and destructive power of the cruel god Aten were thought defeated long ago, but his worshippers, minions and servants must be faced on the battlefield once again. And so the call goes out to the Chosen of Gaia.

The new members of the Templars, the Illuminati and the Dragon answer the cry for help. Their reasons differ, but the danger is too great when a common enemy is rising. Having honed their wondrous powers in New England, the players now must face the lethal dangers of the burning desert, and the horrors which lurk beneath the sands.

Yet as always their main battle will be one to uncover the truth. What has really happened in this hidden Egyptian valley? What caused the old and evil power to awaken? Who can they trust?

Great earthquakes and sandstorms have ravaged the now sealed off valley. The players must come to the aid of the villagers in al-Merayah, who live in fear of the growing shadow spreading across the land. But some of the local people seem to thrive in this new, chaotic and desperate world.

The worship of the dark god is spreading. His servants gather to hasten his return. It is up to the players to root out these traitors and expose the cult of Aten for what it truly is.

You will however not stand alone in the battle against the terrible god. Brave Marya soldiers, having served dutifully to contain the enemy since ancient times, will help guide and fight alongside you. The Marya are hard pressed on all fronts, and in their hour of need, for they do not only clash with fanatical cultists. Terrifying monsters such as giant locust, ghouls, golems and mummies now also walk the land.

And yet the worst threat seems to be a black Filth spreading from beneath the earth. It corrupts all who cross its path. It poisons the water, the land, the insects, the animals and even the people. Twisting their very being and changing them forever.

The crazed worshippers of Aten help spread the dark Filth wherever they can. An old water pumping station now irrigates once healthy fields with the corrupting slime, and great numbers of cultists stand ready to defend it to the death.

In one of the many missions players must infiltrate this camp of fanatics, study their patrols, steal any information they can find and plant powerful explosives, before sneaking off unseen. As the sky lights up with the beautiful colors from an enormous blast, you join with the Marya for the all-out assault on the accursed installation. Victory favors the brave, and the resourceful. 

This is but one of the few challenges facing the players in the Scorched Desert. The battle will be long and hard, but to secure victory many mysteries must first be solved. The players must strive to uncover the information found by those who have come before them. Both those seeking knowledge, riches and power have already been drawn to the valley, yet they as well have met defeat.

For even powerful groups cannot stand against the monstrous onslaught of the desert hordes. They have dug too deep, and paid the prize with their lives. A gigantic gaping hole has formed in the middle of the desert. From it the disgusting Filth springs forth.

It is into this terrible abyss the players must enter – banding together to defeat whatever demonic creatures dwell in the dungeon below. They must bring all their fantastic powers, skills and abilities to bear, to be victorious and once again feel the sun upon their faces.

The Scorched Desert is truly a hellish furnace filled with death and darkness. The hidden valley holds only a small piece of the puzzle that is The Secret World, but one that is crucial for the picture as a whole. The steps must be taken, the trails walked, the enemies defeated and the mysteries uncovered, or else the truth will remain hidden.


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