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Location Preview - The Carpathian Fangs

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As the players enter the Carpathian Fangs, they also climb to the peak of the story mission. After a long journey through the zombie apocalypse in New England and the rise of the Sun God in Egypt; after fighting their way through the vampire frontlines of the besieged farmlands and the fairytale darkness of the shadowy forest, they now stand face to face with the consequences of that journey.

In this frigid mountain landscape everything the player has learned, discovered and trained for so far will be put to its ultimate test.

There is the abandoned Soviet research facility 10, where madness has been released in the form of man/vampire hybrid super soldiers.

Filth is bubbling out of the ancient Roman Baths, corrupting the Smeu of the mountains and the lost souls of the dead.

A repentant vampire broods in a cave in the mountains, plotting a way to avenge his making.

An old werewolf despairs over his tribe's loss of perspective and is willing to turn on his own.

A Phoenician agent is on a secret mission when she's stopped by an old lover.

The Morninglight burns in the mountain cabins.

Mara directs her hordes of vampires from Dracula's old castle.

Emma wants her teddy bear.

An enormous Orochi installation is digging and digging. But they dug too deep, with disastrous consequences.

And inside the very mountain, is the Breach!

In the Carpathian Fangs, the players will be tested to the brink of their abilities. They will have to study their challenges and make sure they bring the right tools for the job.

In the Carpathian Fangs, it all comes together, and only the strong will come back to tell the tale.


Guest Writer