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Lineage 2 Essence - Familiar World, New Experiences (Sponsored)

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Lineage 2 Essence is a new take on the popular MMORPG – Lineage 2. This streamlined version of the long-running MMORPG aims to bring players that classic feel without a punishing time commitment.

When the original Lineage 2 hit the market, it won over many people in Asia and Europe. Players were captivated by the open, seamless world and a fantasy setting with elves, gods and dragons. However, it wasn’t that simple. For example, it required a lot of time and teamwork to accomplish anything in Lineage 2. Damage dealers needed buffs and a reliable healer, and some locations demanded a tank in your party to adequately farm. As a result, the players spent a lot of time –some kept the daily prime for 5-6 hours, while others still had to stay awake for 20 hours trying to dye cloth pieces for Baium. Lineage 2 Essence is aimed at those players who want to experience the MMO again, but simply don’t have the time they once had.

Those who work know this: Time is money. Many who enjoy MMORPGs nowadays simply do not have 10 hours to devote to playing in a day, or sometimes even in a week. However, players who don’t spend all their time in the game can run into the dreaded wall as they can’t progress any other way.

Lineage 2 Essence has its own “Auto-Hunt” system. This nifty system allows you to turn on the feature and focus on work and other daily activities knowing your character in Essence will use skills and any consumables by themselves to grind and progress while you’re AFK. However, just because you’re not actively playing doesn’t mean others aren’t. You’ll still need to worry about player killers taking advantage of you if you’re AFK – Lineage 2 Essence is full of twists and turns after all.

For those who don’t want to group up with other Lineage 2 Essence adventurers, NCSoft, the developer of all versions of Lineage 2,  has made sure that each class has been radically balanced to help ensure you needn’t rely on other players to progress. Players starting from the time they hit level 20 can learn the skills of a full buff set and slot those self-buff skills that can be set to auto-use. Just teleport to a spot, turn on buffs and get to grinding!

Lineage 2 Essence features both PvP and PvE content – from party, clans or solo raids, to large scale events such as the Siege of the Giran Castle. The Siege takes place every Sunday from 20:00-21:00 server time. Whole clans – or even solo players – can battle with each other and the castle NPCs to win the Stronghold and possess both it and the treasure it holds for a week.

Additionally, raid bosses don’t exist in dungeons and instead are out in the open able to be taken down by anyone who is willing to take them on. This means that anytime a boss is respawns on the map, those players who are up for the challenge can teleport to its location. However, you might need to take on the players who are also aiming to take down the raid boss!

Of course, Lineage 2 Essence does have an in-game store. This game was designed for those adults who don’t want to go through the slog of playing 20 hours a day, but rather want to jump in and have fun. However, if you’re not willing to spend your hard-earned money on equipment to destroy your enemies, you’re outfitted with free kits containing essential consumables every day. Also, there is an in-game currency – L-Coin – which can be looted from mobs in order to obtain equipment and useful items in a store.

In summary, while many will decry these features Essence brings to the game, keep in mind that it may not be as simple as it looks. Lineage 2 Essence is designed specifically with the gamer in mind those adults who only have 2-3 hours to have fun in the game each week.

Whether it’s the new auto-hunt feature or the thrilling PvP content, you’re not going to be bored in the MMORPG. With three versions of Lineage 2 now available - Main for those looking to play with the latest constant updates, Classic for the hardcrore grind and subscription model, or Essence for those who may not have unlimited time but still want to experience what Lineage has to offer, there is something for everyone. So jump in today!

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