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League of Angels 3 is a turn based MMORPG from GTArcade’s League of Angels series, and it’s quickly amassed an international fanbase. But for many who are still on the outside-looking-in, what is League of Angels 3 all about? Check out this quick guide to help you get acquainted with this untraditional browser game.


There are no classes in the way that MMORPG gamers are used to in more traditional games. You can be anything you want, change your class to suit a particular combat situation and use your character more effectively. You’ll start out with a sword, playing as a Warrior. Later there will be quests where you will obtain a bow and arrows, making you into an Archer. The last available option is Mage, where you will receive a staff that you can use to damage enemies as well as heal allies. For all three classes you will also have a choice between a male and a female character.

Combat System and Fights

The combat system in League of Angels 3 is nearly identical to the previous installments, but now it has a dynamic camera and three-dimensional characters. The key difference is that you won’t be fighting completely on autopilot. Combat is semi-automatic. This means you’ll have to arrange your squad and use skills that were added to the active bar beforehand. In other words, you will be able to affect the outcome of combat using your skill and button-pressing speed. But combat rating is still important.


Unlike in most browser games, here you can’t just auto-battle your way through everything, and it won’t be possible to just play in the AFK mode for days. In League of Angels 3, you’ll have to frequently interact with quest NPCs and make choices between advancing the plot or leveling your character for rated battles. This will be particularly noticeable on higher levels (100+), where you won’t be able to beat bosses or experienced player opponents mindlessly.

Your success will depend on correctly selecting targets, distributing buffs among allies and choosing the right damaging skills for enemies. Only using tactics like these will allow you to defeat enemies far more powerful than you. All game features will become available after reaching level 85 and completing the quest to capture a castle. You can reach that level in a day or so of relaxed leveling. However, it will take you months to reach the coveted level 200.

Angel Squads

There are no distinct affiliations beyond a separation between angels and demons. A squad may contain characters of different factions. Like before, squads of combatants are called leagues. This is because you will acquire a fairly large party composed of different classes as you progress through quests. You will need to find a balance of Warriors, Archers and Mages. Like in all fantasy MMORPGs, they’re classified as tanks, damage dealers and healers. You will have to arrange your soldiers on the battlefield according to their roles. But that is not the most important component of victory. You will have to level each squad member and empower them with items. All other things being equal, the highest combat rating wins.

PvE/PvP Modes

The majority of gameplay in League of Angels 3 will be based on doing quests. This is great for fans of PvE battles as there will be story dungeons with bosses along the way. The most powerful bosses will drop parts of legendary weapons which are, according to the plot, necessary to destroy the Lord of the Black Dragons. All in all, you will have to get 12 artifacts from bosses. Most won’t be obtained on the first try. Regarding server-wide raids, they’ll be way more impressive than in most other browser games. When dozens of warriors are fighting the final boss of a dungeon, it looks like a common hub. The player with the best rating gets the best reward.

PvP will be unlocked at level 52 which you can reach in a couple of hours. You can’t fight in the open world. If you want to lock horns with other players, you’ll have to join the Arena and wait for opponents. Gameplay is practically the same as in PvE. The only difference is that it’s possible to encounter an opponent much stronger or weaker than you.


Like before, guilds in League of Angels 3 are the equivalent of clans, with the same structure and hierarchy. Guild action involves confrontations between guilds and invasions of other guilds. When you reach level 31, you will have access to all guild functions. But initially, you will automatically join the “Angel Academy”. It’s a basic guild with fewer functions. There’s no guild donations, bonuses, wages or other rewards. Guild treasury is also not available. Later on in a special menu you will be able to create your own guild for 200 crystals or join an existing one. Then you could actually enjoy the benefits of being in a real guild. Here you will find all common browser fantasy MMORPG features, like choosing the guild banner, name, rules, etc. But there will also be guild buildings where you can get valuable rewards.

Like before, each guild in League of Angels 3 has its own boss. It appears every day in a special arena at a designated time. Your guild will have to try and bring it down in 30 minutes, with each participant only having five attack attempts. Joining a guild is very lucrative as there are special bonuses you can only receive in a guild. The ultimate guild event is the Guild War, where the strongest can challenge each other and the winners become legendary heroes.

What are the differences between League of Angels 3 and the previous installments?

What was unexpected and surprising is the sheer number of companions, pets and mounts that enhance your character and make completing quests much easier.

Up to a hundred different dungeons with different access levels. In them you can find familiar demons with better visuals, as well as many brand new enemies.

Companions aren’t just collectable trinkets. They’re full-blown comrades in arms who level up and develop together with your main character. Their stats are leveled up in the same way as the main character’s, and you have to provide the resources for their development (equipment and weapons being the most expensive part).

There are no strict faction limits. At the start you symbolically join one of the three sides. The only difference is that they added over a dozen new angels.

The plot is more thought-out, and those who find it important will appreciate that, despite the linearity, you will never lose interest. The quests are separated into primary and secondary ones. However, every NPC has unique and memorable traits.

There are many servers and different localizations to choose from. There is deep and intricate customization of angels, particularly their skills and abilities. You can improve specific companion skills that you consider important for the fight. So leveling is not linear, it’s individualized.

How to quickly level a character

To be honest and straight to the point, in League of Angels 3 you can level your character like before, on auto-pilot without much thinking involved. But leveling efficiency and the time spent will be different. So you want to know how to level your character quickly? In that case you will have to take doing quests seriously. In the early game, only quests give experience, equipment and gold. The higher the quest difficulty, the higher the profit. All of that can be found on the “Stage” tab. When you gain access to crafting, you can convert loot into weapons or armor. Better equipment gives more combat rating, what makes progress faster and more efficient.

If leveling speed is important to us, we shouldn’t ignore any opportunity to fight. The most lucrative are World Boss raids and Guild Wars, where resource rewards are much higher compared to regular quests. The rewards in those are based on overall damage dealt to opponents.

Less obvious advice: have at least two high-level healers in your league. The team that is the first to have a fallen fighter will lose in most cases. Forget about auto-combat. It’s not efficient. It’ll feel particularly useless on higher levels. Only in manual mode you can apply buffs and debuffs to your angels on time, and damage the specific opponents that need it. But you don’t have to be so responsible at lower levels if you don’t care about progress speed. Cooperate with other players in parties. Don’t pass up offers from your guildmates to progress through something together.


This time the developers really decided to give a treat to the fans of the series. In League of Angels 3 we can see fully three-dimensional graphics with a 360° rotating camera, just like in client-based games. You can also zoom in or out using the mouse wheel. All the content in the game is quality made, with pleasant animation. The game is made on the Unity engine, works in a browser and requires the latest Flash Player. You can adjust the settings, so the game will run even on weak PCs.

League of Angels 3 has something for each player. From an in-depth guild vs guild system, to a unique story and world, it has plenty for players to get excited about. You can start your journey by going to our official website and signing up today!


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