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Langrisser Mobile: High Quality Music & Voice Acting Set It Apart (SPONSORED)

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The Langrisser series of tactical RPGs has a long and storied history in the gaming world. Over 25 years of storytelling has taken place with epic tales being told. The newest game is Langrisser Mobile that not only brings back the highly respected Langrisser universe, but also the renowned composer of earlier games and some of the most beloved voice actors of all time.

Music Sets the Tone

In any game, one of the most crucial components is an epic musical score. The Langrisser series is well-known for presenting the right music at the right time to provide the right dramatic moments for players.

Keeping in line with this thought, Langrisser Mobile is bringing back the highly-regarded Noriyuki Iwadare who has created iconic scores for Langrisser games going back as far as the original from 1991. Noriyuki Iwadare is a legendary game composer who has kept continuously busy since his earliest days. His musical talent has been heard in games including Alien vs Predator: The Last of His Clan, Wing Commander, the Grandia series including Grandia Online, Mega Man X7, several Ace Attorney games, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to name but a few.

Yet some of Noriyuki Iwadare’s proudest moments have been those he has provided to the Langrisser series and, most recently, to Langrisser Mobile. Here is just one sample from Langrisser Mobile’s OST:

Not only will players find a new and original score for Langrisser Mobile, but several of the classic melodies from games past will be present to provide a nostalgic feel.

Beloved Voices for Amazing Characters

Langrisser Mobile will not only hearken back to its roots through music, but also in voice acting. Some of Japan’s most iconic voice actors have lent their talents to Langrisser Mobile including:

  • Horie Yui portrays Sherry and is a popular voice actress in several series including Fairy Tail, Fruits Basket and Umineko: When They Cry. She is bringing all of her talent to bear in Langrisser Mobile.
  • Hayami Saori will be playing Luna, one of the series’ most iconic characters since Langrisser 3.
  • Okiayu Ryoutarou is making his way back to the Langrisser series, this time as Leon, a knight of the land.
  • Koyasu Takehito is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded voice actors and he has been invited to Langrisser Mobile to take on the role of Altimueler, the “invincible empire marshal”.

These are but a few of the multi-talented stars that will be bringing Langrisser Mobile to life.

Langrisser Mobile & the roots of Tactical RPGs

Langrisser Mobile may be the right game for those who love tactical roleplaying on the go. But don’t think that portability will limit its adherence to what has made the Langrisser series what it is today. Langrisser Mobile brings a full slate of features to players around the world.

  • Overwhelming game world concept
  • Epic storyline
  • Strategic planning is crucial to success
  • A wide variety of units requiring players to consider the right units for each battle
  • 80 heroes for an almost infinite number of battle combinations and the original Langrisser class transfer system
  • Original PvP battle system

Langrisser Mobile is a new game for a new era, yet one that doesn’t forget its amazing roots.


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