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Keep your eyes peeled for the Kamikaze Adventure Group!

Every so often, you’ll see a banner appear at the top right of your screen, alerting you that the Kamikaze Adventure Group has issued a challenge! This group of warriors prides itself on being one of the toughest around. Each member is at least level 80 and possesses a high level of difficulty. You’ll find these giant warriors at various high level locations, beginning with Horn Ridge.

Kamikaze Adventure Group

MEMBER                             LEVEL / CLASS                                    APPEARS AT

Luke                                      80 / Knight                                          Horn Ridge / Land of Omens

Ring                                       80 / Sorcerer                                      Horn Ridge / Land of Omens

(more members available later…)

When a member of the Kamikaze Adventure Group appears, you’ll be alerted of his or her location in the system chat box.

Although they appear in different places within each given location, you won’t have to look hard for the Kamikaze Adventure Group members -- they’re all exceptionally tall…

Thankfully, they’re also non-aggressive, so if you’re not looking to start trouble with them, they won’t start trouble with you.

If, however, you do want to challenge them, be prepared for a long and difficult battle. Luke has roughly 26,000,000 HP and Ring has about 23,000,000 HP. Thankfully, each only regenerates about .01% of their total HP every 20 seconds.

Now here’s where the competition gets rough…

The winner of the challenge – that is, the person who lands the killing blow – not only gets rare and valuable drops, they’ll also receive the following:

Hero Points – an in-game currency that can be exchanged with Darien in Sacred Springs for special items…

If you’re daring enough to defeat the same Kamikaze Adventure Group member TWICE…

You’ll be rewarded with a statue of YOU, displayed on one of the pedestals in the southern section of Sacred Springs!

After defeating the group member, you’ll be prompted to enter a special message. When visitors click on your statue, this will be the message displayed!

You won’t have much time to enter your message, so you might want to think of what you’d like to say before attempting a second battle.

Good luck, adventurers! Defeating each of the group members won’t be easy, but if you succeed, the rewards will vastly outweigh the hard battles ahead!


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