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Item System in Runes of Magic

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Dev Journal: Item System in Runes of Magic

The folks from Runes of magic have provided us with this great new Dev Journal on the Item System in the upcoming Free2Play MMORPG.

Besides a solid training, adventurers need to be well equipped to survive in Taborea. Most important are adequate clothes and a good weapon to be prepared for the dangers of the game world of Runes of Magic. But of course the different classes of the ambitious fantasy online role-playing game have individual requirements and possibilities.

Warriors and Knights equip themselves with heavy metal armor and can choose from heavy weapons and two handed swords and axes. Scouts and Rouges prefer more flexible leather armor suits or light robes and long-range weapons like bows or throwing weapons and lighter close combat weapons. Mages and Priests in contrast have trust in the powers of their mind while in battle and use staffs and wands. In contrast they take great pride in their appearance and are well groomed because glorious robes are very popular. Besides such important equipment it’s the potions, resources for the crafting skills and diverse fighting goods which fill the backpacks in Runes of Magic. Some Items are important for quests while others are exhausted after a single use or give the player a benefit for a longer time.

Clothes and Armor

There are many different types of clothes and equipment for your online adventurers in Runes of Magic which cover your character from head to toe. In the cloakroom there are lined jackets, light stuffed shoes, leather armor, hoods, silk robes, armor gloves, feathered hunting hats, belts and many more goods. Real heroes can also equip themselves with countless different armor from the four categories; cloth, leather, chain ring and metal rings.

Anybody should find something that fits them. But when it comes to the choice of armor it’s not all about fashion. While heavy metal plates offer good protection against physical attacks it’s easier to avoid magical attacks with lighter robes. Again and again there are armor sets which are not only optically harmonized but also award much more bonuses the more parts of the armor you are wearing. In Runes of Magic players can customize and change the coloring according to their own wishes. Therefore every character has the possibility to impress the population of Taborea through their clothing and equipment.


Also the shelves of the arms dealer in Runes of Magic are well filled. From simple clubs to handy daggers and elegant long swords made of glimmering steel to massive two handed war axes. There is a very large selection of close combat weapons. The less and lighter the weapon is, the faster it is to control. Two handed weapons are slower but are able to deal much more damage to the target. Long-range weapons such as bows and crossbows are the favorite of the scouts while rouges use throwing weapons. But both classes have to make sure to carry along a sufficient supply of projectiles with them. Many weapons aren’t available for all the classes for free use. Especially mages and priests, as they don’t have the constitution to haul such heavy metal gear across the game world.

Trinkets, magical items, food and potions

In addition to the characters’ equipment, players in Runes of Magic also have access to rings, amulets, earrings and talismans. Those items often offer some additional resistance or bonuses. Every class may wear trinkets without any restriction. When one is well fed, they can fight much better. An adventurer who has eaten some tasty fish or bread will receive a bonus for a limited time. In addition players may purchase magical potions from Alchemists, which regenerate health or manna faster. Those are especially essential during fights. Those helpful items are of course consumed quite fast during fight intensive adventures. A regular restocking in a nearby village may be in order to survive in Runes of Magic. To be able to restock in a peaceful moment, players may learn how to cook or brew potions themselves.

Attributes & Runes

Nothing lasts forever and whoever cherishes his equipment may do well to assure its durability does not drop too low, lest it may become unusable. A regular visit at a craftsman might help. Items in Runes of Magic have a ranking system, where objects with high ranks are mighty but rare indeed. Some items tend to have magical properties, adding to different character attributes like wisdom, dexterity or strength or even enhance damage, attack power and defense. Some others grant the wearer special resistances, for example protection against elements like fire or water.

Other equipment may have one or more sockets, which can be used to draw the power of runes into the item. The tier of the rune however, may not exceed the tier of the equipment. Additional bonuses may be obtained by using magical crystals which players may use on their weapons and armor. With those they can power up their items and gain beneficial attributes. This power may be added multiple times to increase the power level and even gain a glowing aura. Though the success is not guaranteed – sometimes nothing happens when attempting and if one has a bad day the power level may even be lowered instead of increased.


Players in Runes of Magic should also keep an eye on their items to make sure they are actually useable for their class or the current level. Useless equipment and many tools which are hauled back after an adventure may be turned into a sparkling coin at the merchant. One can also find auction houses in Taborea, where the witty character may sell items to other players. This would be the right place, especially for craftsmen or friends of special equipment who want to get a certain profit from their special item.


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