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Introducing the Shelling Guardian

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CHARACTER: Chung CLASS DESCRIPTION: Chung becomes the ultimate demolitions expert as Shelling Guardian. WEAPONS: Destroyer cannon modified for mortar attacks; incendiary grenades FIGHTING STYLE: Master of long range attacks and heavy explosives


When the vile shadow demons besieged the beautiful coastal city of Hamel, it was Chung’s father who first took up arms to defend the Senace kingdom. Despite a valiant battle, the city was overrun and Chung’s father fell under the sway of the shadow demons. As the last remaining defenders of Hamel struggled to resist domination, Chung found himself locked in combat with his own father. However, Chung could not match his possessed father’s strength and, gravely injured, he retreated from the city.

As Chung healed, he encountered Elsword and the El Search Party. Soon, with forces combined, the re-conquest of Hamel began. As Chung and his friends fought to take back the city, they came across old schematics of his father’s that revealed the key to strengthen Chung’s Guardian Stone armor and Destroyer Cannon. However, the plans were incomplete. Chung resolved to explore Elrios until he gained the training in alchemy and explosives necessary to complete his father’s work.

After countless adventures, Chung had gained the skill he needed to create the enhanced Shelling Guardian armor and cannon. With the new equipment, he gained remarkable new skills. He learned the art of creating and wielding explosive grenades, as well as the skill to fire at foes from great distances, leveling the battleground with an explosive force never before seen. With his devastating new powers, Chung began his long journey to rid the land of shadow demons and reclaim the lost power of El.

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