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Introducing the Public Test Server

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What's better than seeing something new? Seeing it before everyone else!

Developers over at Fallen Earth have created a Public Test System and here are five reasons you should check it out:

Five Reasons You Should Join the Fallen Earth Public Test System

  1. Free peep-show! Get a sneak peek at upcoming content before it launches!
  2. Help develop the game! Let the devs know what you like and what sucks!
  3. Play alongside the developers...or kick their asses!
  4. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of video game development!
  5. Be an active part of the Fallen Earth community!

And if those five awesome reasons aren't enough to get you jazzed, wait 'till you see the content they've been working on!

Join the Test System and get a first look at the early stages of the item fatigue and overcharging system, dueling system, a revamp of conflict town New Gallows (all of which are set to launch with their next big content patch) and a first glance at the companion pet system the team has been working on.

Item Overcharging

The state of item decay and its relation to the game economy has been a topic of discussion among players and developers have devised a solution. Set to test out the early stages of an item fatigue and overcharge system, players will need to be ever mindful of their gear, weapons and death toll while participating in the Public Test System!

New Gallows

Not that the developers despise conflict town New Gallows, but they've definitely decided it needs a face-lift and are performing a major overhaul on the town. In the first stage of the revamp, Public Test System participants will find New Gallows has been turned into a neutral encounter area, over-run by Human League reinforcements! No longer taken over by factions, this means new missions and reward items.

(In the second stage of the revamp, New Gallows will be reactivated as a conflict town with new content in a future patch).


Ready for more one-on-one PvP action? The devs think so! With Fallen Earth's proposed dueling system, players can initiate a duel with another player from anywhere in world outside of PvP zones. Challenge a friend and earn some bragging rights as your victory is broadcasted throughout the local area!

Companion Pet

And the last, exciting bit of content set to be released with the Public Test System is a wasteland companion for those lonely sole survivors, in the form of a Wasteland Mutt! Public Test System participants will be able to obtain a Wasteland Mutt Leash from several merchants in Sector One during the testing. Similar to in-game mounts, players can re-name their companion pet, check its vitals or visit a Stable Manager should they lose it!

Developers at Fallen Earth continue to listen to their community, incorporating new, player-influenced content while enhancing existing content. Their next patch looks pretty extensive and if you're a Fallen Earth player, there's no reason you shouldn't join in the Test System!

Interested players should head over to the Fallen Earth forums for details and to download the Fallen Earth Public Test System client.


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