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Introducing the New Elsword PvP Tag Team Mode

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Hey Gang, we’re here to give you the low-down on a brand new Elsword PvP mode that’s right around the corner. For those keeping score, our most recent additions to Elsword have been brand new job classes for all the characters as part of the “Elsword Transformation” series. Well that is still going on—in fact, we have 2/3 of our characters to go!

But our team needed a brief diversion before we unveiled the next new class. Also, following our success on Twitch.tv, we have more people livestreaming Elsword PvP matches than ever before. So behold, “PvP Tag Team” was born, a new addition to an already packed PvP mode. I’m here to give you the scoop on what to expect when PvP Tag arrives on 1/30/13 and a few pro-tips to help you rule the arena.

In PvP Tag, you take part in team brawls of up to 4 vs. 4. Like classic Tag Team setups, one player fights at a time while the others look on. When things start to look bleak, that player can tag out by stepping into a warp portal to trade places with a teammate. The strategy really builds as you start to think about your team, and which of your allies to pit against opposing job classes.

Tag Team is likely to be one of the most popular new modes, so direct from the Elsword GMs, here are our top tips for would-be tag team champs:

  1. Know your counters. Every class in Elsword has opposing classes that are either threats or easy targets. If your opponent brings in a Grand Archer, know who to tag in to make short work of your adversary. They’ll never know what hit them!
  2. Team composition counts. Pick a team that can handle anything that comes your way. A team of of four tankers lacks versatility. Find a mix that gives you best chance to strategize on the fly.
  3. Use the bonus HP wisely. Players who defeat an opponent will get a 20% HP bonus. Don’t squander this on a maxed out replacement. Time your tags to get the most from this boon. Got a top-player who needs the HP? Tag that person in when the enemy is on the ropes. Just hope your opponent doesn’t see this coming!     

As you can see PvP Tag introduces all kinds of new strategies to Elsword PvP.

As a final note, tag team masters will be able to unlock special titles--another reason to hone your skills. PvP Tag mode will first be available for a limited time, so get in the arena and show your stuff!


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