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Introducing the 'Joy of Dimensions' Contest

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Dimensions have proven to be a feature that can ignite the creativity of the Ascended and is enticing to new and returning players alike.  But, simply building it isn’t enough!  We need a program to shine a spotlight on the feature in a fun and creative way that gets players involved and puts their passion in front of their friends and fellow players.  We need to show them – The Joy of Dimensions.


What is it?

The Joy of Dimensions contest (running from Jan 22, 2013 – Feb 12, 2013) will drive players to use their imaginations and build amazing creations using the tools available in Dimensions, and to share their creations with friends on Facebook for loot and potentially awesome prizes!  To make the contest appeal to an even wider audience, the entire thing will be wrapped in nostalgia by parodying one of arts most beloved figures – Bob Ross – for the promotions.


Users will capture screenshots of their Dimension creations and submit them via the RIFT Facebook channel.  The contest will be administered using the wildfyre app, which will allow them to share their entries.  For submitting their creation, they will receive a title and in-game dimension item (see Prizing section below).


RIFT Facebook users will vote on their favorite creations over the course of January.  Voting and sharing their choice will be rewarded with a title and in-game dimension item (see Prizing section below).


1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will be selected by number of votes received on Facebook.  A single Grand Prize winner will be selected by Trion based on a point scale for creativity, originality, etc.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 25 @ 1:30PM Pacific Build-Off Bonanza – What happens when we put everyone in the same dimension with full edit rights? We can’t wait to find out!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1 @ 1:30PM Pacific Top Dimensions Tour – Looking for inspiration for your masterpiece? We’ll be sampling the cream of the crop from every server to see what it might take to win!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8 @ 1:30PM Pacific Dimensional Thunderdome – 4 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves in this Building Battle Royale!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 @ 1:30PM Pacific Victory Tour – Come along as we explore the winners of the “Joy of Dimensions” contest and announce the GRAND PRIZE winner LIVE!


Prizes will consist primarily of unreleased Dimension items, and a special physical prize for the Grand Prize winner. The list of what you could win is below!

Prize for Entering

  • Title: “the Decorator”
  • 1x Spiral Morel  Dimension item


 Prize for Voting

  • Title: “the House Guest”
  • 2x Village Lamppost

3rd Place

  • Title: Prefix “Architect”
  • 1x Overgrown Scarwood Stump
  • 1x Terrace Pond
  • 2x Curved Bench


   2nd Place

  • All 3rd place prizes
  • 2x Budding Faer Cage
  • 1x Blooming Faer Cage
  • 1x Red Ropy Brevane Tree


   1st Place

  • Everything awarded for 2nd place
  • Gets to choose next Dimension (Trion veto) and gets a key to the new dimension.
  • 1x Empyrean Static Generator


 Grand Prize

  • Everything awarded to 1st place (except helping pick the dimension)
  • Plus, the crowning prize: an Alienware x51 PC.

The whole contest kicks off tomorrow with the "Joy of Dimensions" video starring Hal Hanlin as the iconic Bob Ross. So go spruce up your own dimension and get ready to enter tomorrow, January 22nd! Good luck!


The Rift Team


Guest Writer