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Introducing The Arden

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Hello all, Dvorak here--community manager for martial arts MMORPG, Jade Dynasty. Today we're going to look at one of two brand new factions in our just released expansion, Ascension. If you haven't heard of this yet, crawl out from under that rock! Check out our Facebook or follow me on Twitter @pwe_dvorak, for all the latest updates and details.

One major addition in the Ascension expansion is the new race--the Athans. There are two Factions, the rock-hardened tanks, the Balo and the lithe Arden. These nimble fighters come at a time when many in the mortal realm are looking to seize power and the secret to immortality. To combat this problem, the Immortals have called upon the Arden: quick and dexterous fighters who can call upon nature to help them in battle.

Originally handcrafted by the Goddess of the Moon, the Arden provided artistry and culture to the denizens of the Immortal realm. Combining the elegance and grace of the best of mankind with the agility and enhanced perception of the animal kingdom, the Arden were quickly recognized for more than their cultural contributions. Commanded to join the mission to the mortal realm, the Arden are standout servants with their enhanced dexterity, accuracy and senses.

The Arden take their quick skills and dexterous nature, becoming the only class able to use a bow and arrows. They also have tapped into the power of nature and can summon a pet, a battle pet or even a turret to fight alongside them. Arden also have the ability to transform into a spirit fox form, giving them a speed boost while running.

The Arden is well suited for players who enjoy pet management and striking foes with ranged DPS. They will be able to dish the hits before their enemy even knows what hits them, and then send their pets in for the kill. Working alongside the massive Balo, both immortal Athan Factions are a force to be reckoned with.


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