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Lineage 2: Interlude

Tim Tan, the Associate Producer for NCsfot's Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne, lets us in on the newest free update to the game, Interlude.

What is Interlude?

Interlude is the next huge, free update for Lineage II offering the chance to take part in a game that has captured the imagination and reached over 14 million gamers worldwide. Forming a bridge between the Chaotic Chronicles and the future Chaotic Throne (scheduled for later in 2007) Interlude hints at what is to come in the challenging times ahead.

Primeval Island is a new zone and one of the highlight features being offered in Interlude. Interlude is scheduled to launch in April.

Primeval Island

Located to the south of Rune Castle, is the dangerous and mysterious Primeval Isle. This island was originally discovered by "Lucas," an explorer from the Elmore Kingdom. He was once a nobleman of Elmore, but his refusal to participate in the Aden-Elmore War caused him to lose his noble rank. In order to restore his family name, he departed on a ship to find new worlds that would provide much needed resources for Elmore.

Although it is located in the northern hemisphere, the island maintains an ideal sub-tropical climate. There exists a unique ecosystem, which includes enormous animals called dinosaurs. Their fangs can be made into excellent products such as weapons and decorative ornaments that are traded at very high prices. The island isn't abundant in natural resources, but it is rich in terms of war supplies. Because it is considered part of Rune Territory, inhabitants of Primeval Isle pay taxes to Rune.

This island has been occupied by giants and primitive creatures from the beginning of time. When Einhasad created the 5 generations of creatures, she wanted to isolate these creatures in one area. She ordered the giants to bring the primitive creatures here. By the forces of the gods, they were sealed deep under the ocean. They were not freed until the awakening of Shilen's Seal, which caused a volcano to erupt in the midst of the magical tempest. On a certain part of the island, the seal used to capture the primitive creatures can be found. However, no one really knows the full details of the Seal's power.

In addition to the wild and untamed dinosaurs, there are others that call Primeval Isle their home. The Elroki Tribe is an intelligent reptilian race that has learned to coexist with the natural predators that reside on the island. Adventurers from the mainland have created a wharf to the north of Primeval Isle. The human adventurers and the Elrokians have a very tentative peace agreement. Misunderstandings due to cultural differences happen constantly, but conditions could improve if someone was willing to learn more about both sides.


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