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Hi, my name is Stephen Lord and I am the Audio Lead on APB responsible for all aspects of music, sound effects and dialogue. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some of the extensive music features in APB.

Your musical identity...

APB is based around the three C's: Conflict, Customisation and Celebrity. The vast character and vehicle customisation suites available in APB allow players to become exactly who they want to be. As an audio team we wanted to build on this principle and we believe we have provided a comprehensive music experience which gives every player a soundtrack that is both personalised and unique.

Players can choose from the massive 160 music tracks that come bundled with the game or alternatively import their own MP3 music library. Taking it one step further players can even create their own songs with our in game music composition tool as well as create short 'death themes' that broadcast to other players when you kill them.

So whether you want to dress to the nines and have Beethoven's 5th blasting from your car or create a clan based on your musical tastes, it's entirely up to you what you want the world to hear blasting from your car as you cruise San Paro!

Commercial tracks and the Artist Program...

There are 100 carefully selected commercial tracks that come with APB covering many styles from the relentless metal onslaught of Meshuggah to the classic opera of Bizet's Carmen, or classic Siouxsie and the Banshees to the modern charismatic Audio Bullys.

During the development of APB we also established the Artist Program, an ongoing campaign to involve our community and give unsigned artists the opportunity to showcase their music in the game. We have had an overwhelming response and, at launch, there are around 60 Artist Program tracks available from exciting new artists from a wide range of musical backgrounds. We are continuing to promote the Artist Program so if you have something that you would like to share with the world of APB then we'd like to hear from you!

Your Music, Your Playlists, and Last.FM

We appreciate that 160 tracks might not be enough for some players and they may just prefer to listen to their own music. The Music Player in APB lets you import your MP3 library and from this create your own playlists. In partnership with Last.FM, we use their database technology to match the track you are playing with the same track in other players libraries. If the other player listening to the music from your vehicle doesn't have that track then the system will find the best match with a similar track. This could be the same artist, or off the same album or simply another track in the same genre. If there is nothing similar then our included music tracks covers most genres. If you want to show everyone you are a lover of hardcore dance music well that's what everyone will hear as you cruise past.

Create your own music...

The most ambitious part of the music experience is the Music Studio, a fully functional music sequencer which includes a wide range of instruments and delay/filter effects. Full songs can be created which can be broadcast in the game through your car stereo, from Audio Display Points in APB's Social District, or even sold in the marketplace. We can't wait to see what the APB community come up with!

As well as full songs you can also create 5 second tunes known as Death Themes or as we like to say... Music To Die For! Any opponent then has to suffer the indignity of listening to your masterpiece as they lay there dying! A touching, lasting impression for your victim and guaranteed to get them back gunning for revenge!

We look forward to hearing you on the streets of San Paro!


Guest Writer