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In the Underworld, All is Not as It Seems!

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GM Moshup here with a kaleidoscopic tale of intrigue, illusion and chaos. An epic parable spun of the Goddess of the Underworld and the Architect of Dreams. A tale that would test the mettle of any who dare to step through the looking glass, tempting the veil to acquaint themselves with proving the existence the ephemeral dreamscape that lies beyond the reverie of a waking world. From the mouth of madness, echoes the launch of HeroWarz highly anticipated and delightfully macabre, ethereal new character, Izanami.

Let’s start with an introduction of our gothic loli queen: Izanami hails from the Underworld, one of the realms inside the Third World. Having lost her parents to a savage war that has been fed by the innocence that it claimed to avenge, Izanami is left with no option but to flee with her brother, Izanagi. They take refuge with a reclusive illusionist. In bringing the terrified siblings under his wing, he senses astounding latent power and trains them. Growing complacent in their new home, the two stray from the illusionist’s earshot… Izanami gets kidnapped and locked up on the top floor of the Pantheon, a massive citadel, home of the gods. After what feels like an eternity, the doors of her Pantheon prison suddenly open, and Izanami wastes no time making her escape. She hurries back to the Underworld in hopes of reuniting with her brother, but instead… witnesses Izanagi’s death.

From anger and despair, Izanami’s absolute, unhallowed power awakens. Utilizing this power to its full, staggering potential, she exploits the profane power of illusion to deform reality at will. Her resulting rage laid to waste any who’d dare raise a hand against her people, and obtains the status of Queen of the Underworld. From her newfound throne, Izanami restores peace to the entire realm. The people of the Underworld praise her as a Goddess and wish her to rule over them, but Izanami shows no interest. She returns to Pantheon and stays there indefinitely.

From atop the Pantheon, During the Liberation War, Izanami gazes upon the outside world through her Kaleidoscope, but one day she heads out to find a boy named Iago. Iago’s power allows him to restructure the dream-state, and Izanami decides to actually experience all events that have occurred. In a time yet to be realized, Izanami joins the Players of the Historic Society through Iago’s Dream Architecture... revising a history all but forgotten.

Alrighty, now that you’ve been formally introduced, let’s talk about Izanami in-game.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

Izanami is an easy character to pick up, and a blast to refine. From an AMMO perspective, her control can be a tad unorthodox (casters that map control..!?! Wha!?), from transforming to a butterfly, to blink-teleporting and blitz-like intercepts, a twitchy hand is greatly rewarded. However, her basic skill set and overall progression keep you hooked. As with all HeroWarz characters, Izanami can completely change up her basic feel with epic passives gained from gear throughout the game; quite literally from low level to end game.

What if I told you, that you had the means to go back in time and right wrongs in realms beyond your own? What if your very existence in this world was part of a reality, guilty by design, to wield you as a weapon against Gods contending for ultimate control? The ultimate dream construct, in its totality, plays to your will… for now. Playing as Izanami is just exhilarating. Every movement and attack animation crackles with dazzling magical brilliance. Her subtle, dark eloquence draws you in and takes you hostage without a care in the world.  

One last megaton, grand finale nuke before I go. Not only is HeroWarz launching one of the most anticipated characters (…Ever!), the all new auction house is being launched, a costume recycle system is being added for anyone with some fashionable gear that needs a 2nd chance at turning into even better/sexier gear, a mana pot drop system, and we just might be dropping a little hint about a little thing called PvP. 

Hero… we need you. Become revolutionary. Play HeroWarz.   

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