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Hurk - A Hero Full of Rage

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Hurk, a mysterious new mercenary, may look like a handsome young adventurer, but he hides a dark secret. He's often found in the shadowy corners of inns, brooding over a mug of ale. Other warriors know to avoid him- Hurk's temper is short, and sparking it means signing your own death warrant.

When he hears the sound of steel clashing against steel, Hurk becomes a bloodthirsty berserker. With his mighty sword, Hurk has been known to chop enemies in half, and cut through hordes of Fomors in a heartbeat.

The cause of his anger is unknown, but when Hurk gets a glint in his eye, it's best to start running.

Menacing New Equipment

Hurk has access to two exclusive new armor sets. Player can choose the Wolfsbane armor and howl at the moon, or pick the Demoncaller set to unleash the hounds of hell.

Whatever is chosen, the Fomors will tremble in fear at the very sight of Hurk.

Fuel Your Wrath With These New Skills

Hurk is an unstoppable train of destruction. His new skills are more powerful and deadly than any other character, but beware: his fury can leave him vulnerable to attacks.


Players can tap into Hurk's rage and attack enemies endlessly with his sword. As long as Hurk still has stamina, his attacks won’t stop.


Players can block enemy attacks with a devastating counterstrike. Enemies will be momentarily stunned and lose their balance, giving players the perfect opportunity to finish them off.

Impenetrable & Revenge Powers

With a terrifying war cry, Hurk will move headfirst into the fray. He can rush enemies with an unbreakable charge that shrugs off forward attacks. However, Hurk is vulnerable from behind while his Impenetrable power is activated.

If an enemy is foolish enough to face Hurk while Impenetrable is activated, Revenge will initiate, dealing more and more damage with each new attack. 


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