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Humans Added to Game

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New Playable Race: Humans!

Centuries ago, as the age of man drew to a close, Humanity was on the verge of collapse. Over-reliance on technology had driven the Humans to decimate their home planet with pollution. As the years went on and conditions got worse , human leaders looked to the heavens for an answer.

Using great rockets, the Humans gathered their bravest and brightest and sent them deep into space where they would spend several thousand years locked in stasis, resting while the Earth below was destroyed at the end of the Age of Man.

The Beasts of Earth eventually rose to power and began tampering with magic. The use of these powerful forces eventually shattered the veil of darkness revealing the moon to the Beasts for the first time in thousands of years. But they were not the only ones who noticed something had changed. Aboard their ships, the Humans awoke to see the precious Earth they had left so many years ago. Together, they drew up their plans to return to the place they once called home and once again claim it for their own.

Introducing a new Playable Race to Earth Eternal, Humans!

The Humans have returned to Earth in a BIG way. Crash landing their ships off the island of Corsica, the resilient Humans are determined to reclaim the land they once inhabited. Coming in the next patch, you too can create your own new Human character and carry the fate of humanity on your shoulders! Will the Humans make peace with the Beasts and work together for the greater good? Or will the Humans seek to destroy the weird, walking talking animals? As Humans, YOU determine your destiny!

Playable Humans are just one exciting part of the latest Earth Eternal patch. Check out the full patch notes!

Full patch notes:

  • To improve performance, all non-essential art assets (trees, bushes, and Fangren) have been removed.
  • New weapon types have been added. Now you can slay your enemies with samurai swords, muskets, and the dreaded ban hammer.
  • PVP is now enabled. All players are attackable at all times, to protect your character you may purchase a Potion of Protection from the Credit Shop.
  • "Wednesday Morning Maintenance" has been changed to "Wednesday and most of Thursday Maintenance."
  • Added "Kill ten rats" quest to every bounty board. Quest rewards are minimal, if anything.
  • All newly created characters will now earn double the skill points that previously created characters earned.
  • Mages may now cast Magic Missile at the darkness.
  • New Player Class added: Dark Knight. A combination tank, rogue, and crime fighter that uses bats and grappling hooks in combat. Able to call a Robin to his side while fighting.
  • In an effort to make the game more appealing to families, all weapons have been replaced by walkie-talkies and Dewbacks have been digitally inserted into some zones.
  • Horse armor is now available in the Credit Shop.
  • Added Support for Windows 95, Win9.X, Amiga, DOS, and iPad. Mac OSX support still in the works.
  • A reputation system has been put into Earth Eternal. As you kill innocent creatures for experience points, you will incur negative faction with every NPC in the game; they will eventually kill you on sight.
  • Due to hardware changes, all Foxen characters now appear as Clockworks.
  • Falling damage has been greatly increased. You now risk breaking your ankle when taking falling damage. Broken ankles can be fixed by any Ankle Merchant in all major cities. However you will need someone to carry you there.
  • Decreased lag in Camelot, increased lag everywhere else.
  • Added the ability to sprint, temporarily increasing run speed by 300%. Purchasing a "Red Taurian Energy Drink" gives you the ability to sprint longer and gives you wings.
  • Dragonscale backpacks have had their slot capacity increased to 100; however you will need a very large monitor to display all those slots.
  • "Sleeping" has been added to Earth Eternal! Your character must sleep at least 8 hours a day or suffer a penalty to stats debuff. You can avoid this sleep requirement by taking a job as an Engineer at Sparkplay Media.
  • Armor Refashioner interface have been reworked to be more confusing.
  • New Mage ability added Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000, capable of exploding a level 2 Druid as long as the mage is wearing his robe and wizard hat.
  • Drop rates for rare armor and weapons have been increased by 100%. Drop rates for junk loot have been increased by 1000%.
  • New dungeon added; the Sparkplay Manor. Battle your way through dangerous spawns of designers and artists, and slay the mighty Piggypops. Or at least try to. He's pretty much invulnerable.
  • Added 3D support to Earth Eternal! You can use those glasses you got from Avatar. Things will pop out at you, it's amazing!
  • Added several new words to the word filter; 'cake' 'pie' 'puppies' 'punch' 'sunshine' 'rainbow' and 'paw'.
  • Explosions may now be placed next to spawns of mobs. Players who attempt to attack these mobs are in for a nasty surprise.
  • Graphics have been removed from Earth Eternal, the game is now entirely text based but additional graphics may be purchased.
  • Introducing SMS connect! You can now link your Earth Eternal account to your mobile phone and receive all region chat in the entire game sent directly to you via text message! Standard text messaging rates do apply.
  • Shroomies Search has been reworked into a massive 40 person raid dungeon with over 15 new bosses.
  • In an effort to make the game more appealing to families, all weapons have been replaced with nerf-bats.
  • Quest 434855434B204E4F52524953 has been added. Discover the true identity of the legendary Slug God while embarking upon this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!


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