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With the explosive growth in popularity of MMORPGs recently, it has become common knowledge that excessive monster killing can leave players bored. If game developers can't continue to add new elements into the game, their games may lose their fans sooner or later. That's why the Angels Online team (http://ao.igg.com) from has always sought to enhance players' in game enjoyment, design brand new equipment for them to enjoy and add a lot of fun elements into the game.

And as a cute MMORPG that has a distinct anime style to its characters and graphics, people playing Angels Online are mainly younger teenagers. In previous versions we introduced character customization systems such as the marriage system that have proved very popular. These kinds of systems allow players to project themselves onto the characters, making the gaming experience much more personal.

We have repeatedly stressed that this is a big part of what they feel players are searching for among all the MMO titles available now. Taking this to the next level with their new expansion is the featured House system. Bored of killing monsters? Come home and do some renovations to your characters living space. Invite some friends over and have a House Party. Enjoying your virtual life online is what this expansion is all about.

With this system still in its infancy, as of now 3 different types of houses have been designed for players to start with in Angels Online. Delving deeper, they also have several sets of wall decorations, including wallpaper and molding and even hunting trophies for the outdoorsmen brave enough to venture into the net. This in turn leads to a vast array of furniture and other kinds of decoration to choose from.

Our developing guys have spent nearly 3 months designing house styles and decorations before coloring could even begin. This has been not just a long process but a labor of love.

Angels Online Screenshot Angels Online Screenshot

Angels Online Screenshot Angels Online Screenshot


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