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Albion is an exciting new world, a blank slate of abandoned land just waiting to be claimed, developed and brought back to life again! Any player with enough money can buy a plot of land for themselves in a safe zone, town or a player-run city.

Once they’ve purchased the land, they pay a smaller amount of upkeep every so often, and in return they can use the flat, sandy land to place buildings. These buildings can be anything from houses to forges to repair stations for their gear.

Once these buildings are placed, their owner has only to contribute the correct resources before the building is free to use! The owner can craft items at crafting stations, or place furniture in their player house, to really turn that bare patch of land into something useful and productive.

The great thing about furnishing your house in Albion Online is that the changes you make to your home have direct influence over your character…

How does my home affect my character?

Wardrobes and chests will provide extra storage for your gear, so that you don’t have to drag a heavy full inventory around with you. Load up your pack mule and bring home the goods – they’ll be kept safe inside your home!

Trophies are proof of your skill in battle! After a monster hunting session, you can always hang the trophies from your kills on the wall to decorate your home. Whenever you kill a mob in the world, it has a chance to drop its head, which you can then craft into a trophy to place in your home! Trophies will leave you feeling motivated and on top of the world! They give varying benefits, from movement speed boosts to extra damage.

Eating a hearty home-cooked meal at your very own table is always useful for making you feel ready to face the world again – especially a world as dangerous as Albion! Interacting with a table in your home will leave you feeling invigorated, bring you a temporary (non-stacking) boost to your hit points.

Weary from your travels, fighting or trading? Why not have a restorative rest and get some shut-eye! Sleeping in a comfy bed will bring you a temporary energy boost.

In addition to this, once you have a claimed bed in a property, you’ll be able to choose to respawn at that house when you die. So having a large and well-furnished house really can get you out of a tight spot!

Access Rights

In a world as busy as Albion, space is a valuable commodity. In addition to being able to place and customize their own houses, players who own plots of land can now also choose to give other players access rights to their whole plots, or their homes, buildings or storage.

This is useful in alleviating issues of space, as it allows several players to use the same building on the same plot of land, so that each player doesn’t have to own his or her own plot.

Currently, for instance, players can choose from three access modes to set for their plot(s): Closed, Private and Public.

  • Closed means that only the player can manage the estate (sell or give up the estate), and only they can place buildings or furniture. This is a good option for players who know that this particular plot is theirs alone.
  • Private allows fellow guild members to place buildings and furniture, but only the owner can manage the estate.
  • Public allows all players to be able to manage the estate and place buildings. The owner essentially relinquishes control of the plot.

In addition to this, players can also choose custom access rights. This means the owner of a plot can choose to define another player as a Co-owner, which gives them almost equal rights to manage the estate, or as a User, who can only place buildings or furniture. They do this simply by entering the player’s name into the menu under the appropriate section. They’ll then be added to that list and will have the agreed-upon rights.

There’s a great level of in-depth customization. Owners can choose down to the last detail who can access, put in or take out items from a chest, for instance. They can also choose who can use different items within their home, such as beds, to receive those buffs and boosts.


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