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Hidden Content Part Two: Concealed Creatures

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While our last entry delved into a few "hidden" settlements and associated missions found in Fallen Earth, players can also find obscure creatures and bosses outside settlements.

Now, we won't give away all the murky creatures players may find prowling in the barren lands of Fallen Earth, but we will explore a few of those perhaps not so well known...

World Bosses

Sounds major, right? They are! And you won't find them just anywhere. These massive, powered-up creatures roam the wasteland unbeknownst to many players. And if you are a lone player out in the desolate land, you probably won't want to stumble upon one of these creatures solo. World Bosses aren't just your random wandering creature, they're super-charged mutants on a mission, and they don't like to be bothered!

So what makes these creatures "World Bosses?" Well, if their massive size isn't enough to convince players of their World-Boss-worthiness, perhaps their colossal strength will do the trick. That's right, it will take more than a single player, or in some cases a single group, to take out one of these creatures.

Initially, we were looking for ways to create more in-depth group dynamics within Fallen Earth. After a lot of discussion and some good old-fashioned team effort, the idea for World Bosses was developed and implemented soon after. While World Bosses are built for certain level ranges and designed for a raid of such a level, players will find that they are not level-capped. So players of any level can attempt a take-down, but most World Bosses will require more than one group or player to work together.

Players won't find World Bosses attached to any specific mission or even have any direct connections with missions (hence a "concealed creature"). So while they prowl throughout sectors one and two in "plain sight," they'll require a little searching for.

Currently, there are a total of four active World Bosses--Geiger, Chupacabra, Union Barricade Commander and--perhaps the most well known and easiest to find--Sasquatch.

Geiger, an amped-up Shiva's Favored, is located in the Red Field area. An encounter with Geiger entails a two part fight--the barrels around Geiger must be destroyed as fast as possible to reduce the area of effect damage he emits at a constant rate...we suggest bringing a few healers.

The Union Barricade is located on the highway heading to sector 3. This fight involves a lot of crowd control work. Waves of enemies will pour out while you are trying to tackle down the leader. No really, bring a friend! You'll need them.

And Sasquatch is near Dry Flats, located in the PvP zone. Players will have to start by killing the buffed up White Crow around the Sasquatch pen. The fight turns into balancing PvP while killing the boss, so watch your back!

Chupacabra? We'll let you explore that one on your own!

So while on your journey through the wasteland with fellow clan-mates or wastelanders, keep an eye out for these creatures! Those who manage to come across and take out a World Boss will receive special loot...

Other Creatures

World Bosses are exciting, but they're not the only "concealed" creatures you'll find in Fallen Earth. One example--and perhaps one of the more unique creatures players may stumble upon--has a name you may find strangely familiar--A'kfak. Players who are familiar with Kafka's Metamorphosis may have recognized the name.

So where did the idea for such a literary creature come from? Well, it was Game Designer Josh Peery's idea. As an English Film/Literature scholar, he felt a Metamorphosis homage was in order in a place where giant cockroaches are real! And a giant cockroach A'kfak is.

So what is it that makes this giant roach more "concealed" than some of the other creatures found in Fallen Earth? Well this vicious vermin won't be found by completing a mission or strolling through any major town. A'kfak lurks with other vermin on Pumphouse Road--once a pre-fall subdivision under construction, now over run with vermin. Pumphouse Road can be considered more of a pit stop, not a town per se, so while A'kfak lurks in "plain sight," it might not be so for most players. You'll have to search around for this one, but he'll also give you a nice trinket if you can find him and take him out!

Fallen Earth is chock-full of off-the-beaten-path encounter areas with visual narrative rather than your typical mission. For the more adventurous players, raiding empty buildings, roaming to the ends of highways in map corners or visiting an opposing faction's town may lead you to obscure creatures, missions and settlements they may not otherwise encounter.

We won't give away all of the "hidden" content that awaits you in the wasteland, you'll have to discover the rest along your journey...It's all part of surviving the apocalypse.


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