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Guild vs Guild - Ubajin Fiesta!

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This isn’t your run-of-the-mill “capture the flag” mini game. When your guild joins the Ubajin Fiesta, you’re in for one exciting party. Keep your eyes open, your back covered, weapons and skills ready, and gather as many guildmates as you can! Your team’s guilds must be in several places at once – guiding and protecting the Mikoshi, activating Spirit Stones, and defending Prayer Stones – to gain as much Prayer Energy and helpful abilities as possible! Only those who successfully navigate the battlefield with gain divine riches beyond their imaginations!

Guilds must have a certain amount of Guild Domain Points before they will be eligible to bid for a GvG spot.

Once a guild has enough domain points, they can then bid a large amount of gold from their guild. Before the event time starts, guilds will be chosen, and if your guild was chosen, guildmates will be able to Sign Up for the upcoming battle via the Guild Battle button on the guild UI.

When the event starts, players who have signed up will receive a prompt to enter the Ubajin Feista arena.

Fiesta Walkthrough:

  1. Carry the Mikoshi (a divine palanquin) to your base and defend the Holy Stone from the enemy.
  2. Sieze Spirit Stones to gain points periodically and activate the respawn points’ functions.

How to Win:

  1. The camp whose Prayer Energy reaches 10000 first wins.
  2. The Fiesta lasts for an hour. When time is up, the camp with higher Prayer Energy wins.

Activity Guide:

  1. The Mikoshi moves towards the camp with more members worshipping within it.
  2. Bring the Mikoshi to your base to activate the Holy Stone and gain constant Prayer Energy.
  3. Destroy the camp’s Holy Stone to return Mikoshi to it’s original shrine.
  4. Take control of the four [Spirit Stones] to gain Prayer Energy and respawn points.
  5. Newly seized [Spirit Stones] are immune to enemy recapture for 3 mintues.
  6. Get Prayer Energy: Invite the Mikoshi to activate the Holy Stone, seize the Sprit Stones or Kill enemies.



  1. Players who log out or quit during the Fiesta must sign up again for an open position.
  2. The winning camps’s rewards will be distributed among members who remain at the end of the last round.

There are three Mikoshis to capture; two on the corners of the map, and one at the center of the map

Players would need to group up in the circle around the Mikoshi to allow it to progress to their side…

But watch out! The opposing team will be trying to do the same, and will need to go through YOU to do it!

If your team successfully captures a Mikoshi, a bountiful prize is in store…

Treasure… treasure everywhere!

When a team has captured a Mikoshi, a Holy Stone will appear in front of their base. While this Holy Stone is active, that team will begin to constantly earn Prayer Energy. The opposing team must destroy this Holy Stone to allow the Mikoshi to respawn again at its origin shrine. Destroying/defending it is a high priority!

In addition to capturing Mikoshis, players can activate Spirit Stones throughout the map.

Activating these will give your team even more Prayer Energy!

Time to grab this stone…

Success! One more Spirit Stone for the Blue team.

Capturing these Spirit Stones can definitely turn the tide of the battle!

Whichever team reaches 10,000 Prayer Energy first, or has the highest amount after an hour, wins the Ubajin Fiesta!

Check out your stats after the battle to see how you did!

Until next time…

Look forward to the next…

Ubajin Fiesta!


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